Women and Web3: How to Prepare Your Career, Money, and Personal Brand for the Metaverse

Men in suits with bank bags. Jargon for jargon. Ninety-eight percent of finance for people with a Y chromosome. When it comes to traditional finance, women have not only been left out of the conversation, but completely shut out and shut out. And Silicon Valley has historically and notoriously been a world of tech bugs—a shame, because the industry has been among the fastest-growing and most lucrative for decades, dating back to the dotcom boom of the 1990s. The end result: major obstacles for women to accumulate wealth and achieve leadership positions.

We hate to see history repeat itself, but unfortunately we have deja vu. Cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse are getting all the hype. And they’re all part of Web3, which is basically the next iteration of the Internet. Just as social media and e-commerce have changed the way we live, work and shop, Web3 will affect everything from your investment portfolio to your future job prospects, online security and more. McKinsey predicts that by 2030, the market value of the metaverse could shoot up to $5 trillion. However, according to Pew Research, about 43 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 29 have invested in, traded, or used cryptocurrency, compared to 19 percent of their female peers. Of the world’s 121 leading crypto companies, only five included a female founder (opens in a new tab). Even NFT female artists have the upper hand in the space; research shows that 77 percent of NFT sales go to male creators, and women make up less than 20 percent of the market.


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