Where all the royals went to university and their degrees

You meet all sorts of people in your dorm kitchen from all over the country – but imagine on the first day of Freshers’ Week you unpack your Tupperware and a real-life member of the royal family walks in. The royal family went to university – from the expected Boujee universities in Edinburgh, Exeter and Cambridge to the lively party city of Newcastle.

Princess Anne apparently once called university “a grossly overrated pastime,” and Prince Harry famously didn’t go to uni either, instead taking a gap year and then joining the army. But where did her family members go to college? This is exactly where the members of the royal family went to university.

Here’s which universities the royal family attended and what degrees they all studied:

Prince William – St Andrews

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After completing AAC at A-level and taking a gap year, Prince William began studying art history at St Andrews in 2001. In the end he switched to geography and finally graduated with a 2:1. He said of his original studies in the past: “I had to give it up – I kept falling asleep in the lectures, it was terrible.” Relatable.

Apparently he was a little late for uni for safety reasons and missed Freshers’ Week. Prince William is also said to have called himself Steve at university to draw less attention to himself. He said he has “curtains” in his room to make it “cozier” and said he loves playing music – apparently loud RnB.

He played water polo and was captain of the team. In 2004 he represented the Scottish universities water polo team in the Celtic Nations tournament against Wales and Ireland.

During his student days, William apparently loved sambuca shots and a 135-pound cocktail called Treasure Chest, which is served in a wooden case and is a combination of peach liqueur, brandy and champagne. Delicious. “Everyone thinks I drink beer, but actually I like cider,” he said in an interview on his 21st birthday.

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Wills and Kate famously met in St Andrews. They lived at St. Salvator’s Hall for their freshman year before moving into a townhouse with two other friends at 13a Hope Street, near the uni. It cost them all £100 a week and they threw dinner parties for their buddies. William would apparently try to impress Kate by cooking “those amazing, fancy dinners” but has said he would end up burning it or setting something on fire. During their senior year, the two – who were reportedly dating at the time – moved into a more private cottage with some friends.

Kate Middleton – St Andrews

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Kate Middleton studied Art History at St Andrews after obtaining AAB at A Level and graduated 2-1 in 2005. She originally received an offer from Edinburgh, but decided against it and instead completed a gap year in Italy and Chile.

Kate became friends with Prince William during her freshman year at St Andrews, but it is widely speculated that Will fell in love with her after attending a charity fashion show at the university, where he had a front row seat wore a see-through black dress. However, at the time Kate was dating a fourth year student named Rupert Finch.

At her graduation, via James Fraser/Shutterstock

She co-founded a women’s drinking club – reportedly after she was “annoyed that the old women were excluding women” but apparently wasn’t “very drunk”. The Lumsden Club is a club for female students who are involved in charitable causes and also want to visit one or the other champagne reception.

Meghan Markle – Northwestern University in Chicago, America

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At Northwestern, Meghan was in the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Graduating in 2003 with a degree in Theater and International Relations, she was just manifesting her two future roles. Meghan sounds like the ideal college roommate, a woman who was also in Kappa Kappa Gamma called her “that ethereal, sophisticated, beautiful creature that lived with us and was always willing to lend you a top”.

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Princess Eugenie – Newcastle

As it turns out, Princess Eugenie was initially turned away from studying English literature at Newcastle because the admissions requirements were AAA and she only achieved AAB at A-level – but she was apparently allowed to study English with combined honors, art history and politics because she “had.” more importance” than other applicants. Eugenie finished 2012 2-1.

Her halls cost £96 a week and she reportedly had 24-hour protection from Met Police bodyguards, who are said to cost £25,000 a year. In her last two years, she lived in a dorm with seven friends.

Beatrice and Eugenie, via Instagram @princesseugenie

Princess Beatrice – Goldsmiths

Eugenie’s sister Princess Beatrice decided to stay in London and got a 2-1 in History and History of Ideas (yes, that’s a proper degree) from Goldsmiths in 2011. During her freshman summer semester, she worked as a sales clerk at boujee department store Selfridges.

Peter Phillips—Exeter

Anne’s son Peter went to Exeter and graduated in Sports Science in 2000. In Exeter he was part of the university rugby league team.

Zara Tindall – Exeter

Peter’s sister Zara also went to Exeter and studied physiotherapy after spending a year traveling around Australia and New Zealand. Apparently she specializes in equine physiotherapy (e.g. on horses) and has won an Olympic silver medal and an MBE for her services to equestrian sport.

King Charles III – Cambridge

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Charles has five O Levels (GSCEs) and two A Levels, a B in History and a C in French. He then moved to Cambridge University, where he began studying at Trinity College in 1967. He was the first British royal to receive a university degree, coming out with a 2-2 after studying history, archeology and anthropology.

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Prince Edward – Cambridge

Prince Edward got a C and two Ds at A level (yikes) before following in his brother’s footsteps and coming to Cambridge where he attended Jesus College. Edward graduated in 1986 with a 2-2 in history. His admission to the university was controversial because of his Abitur grades.

Sam Chatto – Edinburgh

via Instagram @samchatto

Sam Chatto is the grandson of the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret and is currently 29th in line to the throne. After going to Eton (of course), Sam went to Edinburgh, where he graduated in Art History in 2017. Sam is interested in yoga, travel and pottery and his insta is very healthy. He has almost 100,000 followers.

Arthur Chatto-Edinburgh

Sam’s younger brother Arthur also went to Edinburgh and also studied art history. After graduating, he joined the Royal Marines. Arthur no longer has Instagram, but when he did have an account it showed that he enjoyed exercising, arctic diving, mountaineering and playing the bagpipes.

Amelia Windsor – Edinburgh

via Instagram @amelwindsor

Amelia Windsor is the granddaughter of Prince Edward, the Queen’s cousin. She is currently 42nd in line to the throne. She calls herself Mel and studied French and Italian in Edinburgh. Mel has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, joined Glasto, and is a model and sustainable fashion activist.

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