What Is Ezekiel Bread (and Where to Buy it)

Carbs are notorious in the nutritional circuit. You may want to remove them all from your diet. Let’s face it—these avoided white grains are high in simple sugar and low in fiber. This means they are not optimal if you are trying to maintain your blood sugar levels and lose weight. However, if you’ve tried going the low-carb route, you may have turned to alternatives that are bland in taste and crumbly in texture.

Now, thanks to something called, you don’t have to. Ezekiel bread. Ezekiel is definitely a buzz word when it comes to bread. It has become an obsession for many who have a cult following for good reason. The sprouted grains of bread are packed with nutrients like protein as well as fiber that improves your gut health and lowers your cholesterol. “The popularity of Ezekiel bread is partly due to its health benefits and array of vitamins and minerals,” she says. Chef Jacoby Ponder, A culinary expert featured on Food Network and head chef of Chef Ponder LLC.

So you might want to throw in the fluffy white thing called “bread” for a slice of Ezekiel. Grab a loaf from the oven or freezer section of your supermarket. You will never look at regular bread the same again.


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