Top 5 VR Horror Games To Look Out For This Halloween

The quest for gaming immersion has taken center stage with VR devices, and what better way to dive into the Halloween season than with VR horror games?

VR devices have come a long way to land where they are today. From Nintendo’s failed Virtual Boy, to the long-awaited PSVR 2, it’s been used as a way for gamers to immerse themselves in gaming worlds, especially horror, like never before.

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That’s why we at CGMagazine have compiled a list of upcoming VR horror games to keep fans of the genre up to date with what’s on the horizon in VR security. Here’s the list of upcoming games to look out for in the coming months, but in the wise words of Bruce Campbell, “Have you ever wondered why Ash (Williams) wears brown pants?”

Top 5 VR Horror Games To Watch This Halloween

Top 5 VR Horror Games To Keep An Eye Out For This Halloween

Spread: Paradise Hotel

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This spooky offering from Wanadev Studio embraces the spooky setting of the hotel and takes the dial and immersion level beyond 10. This title is shrouded in survival horror and tasks the player with escaping the ” Paradise Hotel” holder. There’s no concrete release date yet, but the Steam page lists it as “late 2022”, which is a big window to wait.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution

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The second chapter of The Walking Dead The VR game series follows the original The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners VR, which the CGMagazine review described as “Skydance Interactive takes creative ways to make players feel like they’re part of their own series. The game leans heavily on survival horror mechanics to a serious degree, managing to deliver a fun apocalypse simulator in the process,” develops The Walking Dead universe. The trailer for the new entry is shot on the yet to be released PSVR 2, and the Steam page says it will also release in the late 2022 window.

Events at Unity Farm

This Halloween VR title comes from Titan1Studios. Events at Unity Farm is an open-world VR experience that blends the best of Lovecraftian horror and fantasy with a touch of steampunk for good measure. You will have to survive against a variety of creatures while exploring an ever-expanding story universe. Luckily, you’ll be armed with shooter-style spell combat to help defeat your foes.

When she arrives at Unity Farm, Ruth Bowie is a shy teenager who discovers that she comes from a line of occult scientists. But when things go wrong, she must backtrack to stop the Multipocalypse, with her mind and her great-grandmother’s journal to guide her along the way.

While presenting an awesome concept and a unique story, Events at Unity Farm also takes the opportunity to flip the horror genre on its head and create a diverse, cultural, and 2SLGBTQIA+ narrative. Something we at CGMagazine are very happy to see, and according to TITAN1STUDIOS, it has long been a company principle, with inclusivity being a cornerstone of their work across all mediums.

Notably, a Steam VR-exclusive closed beta will run from October 25 to November 1, and horror fans can sign up for it to get a taste of the action. Also go to Events at Unity Farm Steam page for wishlist now.

dead bait

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Change Halloween VR horror games script, dead bait is a 3v1 multiplayer game that places one player in the bloody shoes of a murderer and the other three as survivors or victims. Inspiration may have been taken from other multiplayer horror titles such as Dead in broad daylightand Friday the 13th: the game, as there are new ways to interact with the environment to hinder the killer and save time. The expected release date is April 28, 2023 and fans can experience this game on Steam.

Affected: The Asylum

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The last title on the list is from Fallen Planet Studios, Affected: The Asylum follows another staple horror trope, Halloween VR in an Asylum but without Ryan Murphy or american horror story. The last title of Affected The VR game series expands on the original with a new location and new features, such as new game modes, interaction mechanics, and features co-op for up to four players. Affected: The Asylum launches into the widest release window of simply “in 2023”.

This concludes the next list of Halloween VR horror games. VR horror gamers just need to bring spare pants when playing. If fans are feeling a bit eager for VR thrills, Resident Evil 4 VR is readily available for horror enjoyment.


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