Top 4 cheapest countries to pursue a BSc in Nursing

Are you looking for the cheapest countries to study BSc in Nursing? The truth is they can be hard to find. For example, of Monash University Bachelor of Nursing will cost 116,400 Australian dollars (US$73,239) for students from 2023. Expect to pay in the UK 111,720 pounds (US$123,851) for studying the same course at the University of Glasgow.

That means prospective nurses from India, Nigeria and the Philippines would each have to shell out 10.19 million Indian rupees, 53.65 million nairas and 7.3 million pesos for a UK nursing degree.

For many international students, these numbers make up their parents’ entire retirement savings – if there is any at all.

While finding affordable medical school is rare, it is not impossible. In some countries there are cheap medical schools for international students without compromising on quality. Here are the four cheapest countries to consider:

BSc in Nursing

International students do not pay tuition fees at public universities in Norway. Source: Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP

4 Cheapest Countries to Study BSc in Nursing for International Students

1. Norway

Norway ranks first in the world to get a degree in nursing as most Norwegian public institutions charge tuition fees. The best part? All international students are eligible for this benefit.

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However, yYou may have to pay a semester fee of approx 30 to 60 euros. Some public universities you can consider are University of Agder and VID Specialized University.

Additionally, Norway remains one of the best options for international students on a budget. Imagine living in one of the most progressive places on earth, with a track record of upholding human rights and cultural freedoms for all of its residents. It’s no wonder why International Students in Norway are among the happiest in Europe.

Remember that living in this Nordic country can be expensive. Expect to spend between 20,000 to 40,000 Norwegian Krone (1 Norwegian Krone equals approximately US$0.093 at the time of writing) to live in this Nordic country.

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2. Hungary

In recent years, Hungarian educational institutions have climbed the world rankings. For example the University of Szeged is listed among the top 560 universities in the QS World University Ranking 2023.

Tuition to study nursing in Hungary can go as high as $4,844.30 per year. University of Debrecen, University of Szeged and University of Pécs are some medical schools that offer BSc in Nursing with low tuition.

Living in Hungary is comparatively cheaper than in other European cities. You just have to budget roughly $534, $615, and $860 if you stay overnight in Pecs, Szeged or Budapest.

3. United Kingdom

Did you know that the UK offers affordable options to study a BSc in Nursing? Consider the Glasgow Caledonian University, Teesside University and London Middlesex Universitywhere annual tuition fees start at just £13,000 (US$14,354).

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If staying and working in the UK after graduation is part of your plan, we have good news for you. The nursing programs at universities such as Glasgow Caledonian University allows you to apply for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. You can also apply for various positions in the National Health Service – the UK’s national healthcare system.

4. Russia

While international students may not enjoy tuition-free education like in public institutions like Norway, the overall cost of studying nursing in Russian universities is still relatively cheap compared to other countries.

Tuition for a nursing degree in Russia can be as low as $1,800 per year. Some of the cheapest educational institutions where you can study nursing in Russia are the Vitebsk State Order of People’s Friendship Medical University and Kazan State Medical University.

After graduation, you will have an easier chance of getting a job in Russia as employers will likely prefer students who have graduated from a local institution.


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