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New Delhi (December 5, 2022):- Synergy Advisors, a new real estate advisory platform that connects unorganized, non-institutional and individual real estate advisors, has recently been officially launched. The new face of collaborative real estate in India has already started marking its presence at various locations at the pan-India level. The recently launched platform would also help unconventional entrepreneurs and unemployed youth who find it challenging to achieve in their professional career.

The newly launched platform is futuristic in design and comes with the ability to run advanced integrated meta-versions and virtual reality ecosystems using advanced modern technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver relevant knowledge and insights at all levels of the ever-evolving real estate markets. It would also allow unorganized and non-institutional real estate advisors and sole traders to gain access to previously inaccessible data.

Synergy Advisors is equipped with cutting-edge solutions to effectively serve diverse client needs, making it a first-of-its-kind real estate advisor and next-generation technology platform. In addition, it allows solving all the significant problems of the average real estate consultant with limited access to top projects, inventory, resources and technology. It gives such partners access to their own data ecosystem that leverages advanced artificial intelligence and virtual reality, advanced operational infrastructure and an established brand identity.

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Talking about the need and the idea behind the launch of the new real estate advisory platform, Rahul Dedha, CEO, Synergy Advisors said, “Micro players have huge potential to rise above their limitations. Synergy Advisors smartly addresses these constraints by providing these players with state-of-the-art infrastructure, a trusted platform, skill and knowledge development, a wider range of projects, structured marketing and sales channels, project closings and seamless cash flow management.”

He threw his weight firmly behind Synergy evolving into a parallel real estate world of sorts, adding: “We are already looking forward to a growing number of real estate agents and brokers using the Synergy platform to expand their reach, audience, technical expertise, brand support and access to inventory. It allows them to expand the sales chart. As we build momentum, we expect around fifty thousand advisors across India and about 10 thousand in NCR to join the Synergy tribe by 23-24.

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Synergy Advisors is backed by leading multinational conglomerate Viraaj Ventures, which is known for its broad interests in infrastructure, information technology, asset management, engineering consulting, real estate development, food & beverage and real estate consulting, and corporate and legal advisory. .

When asked about his outlook for Synergy Advisors, Ankit Aditya Pradhan, Managing Director, Viraaj Ventures applauded Rahul Dedha for his vision of empowering individual contributors who have the drive and determination to thrive but lack the resources and opportunities.” Rahul is optimistic about growth and plans expansion of Synergy on a global level, he added.

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Synergy is about hyperlocal empowerment. It allows localized brokers and real estate agencies access to broader opportunities that otherwise miss them. Furthermore, it presents a chance for local and international players to tap into a highly curated consumer market powered by artificial intelligence, virtual reality and big data. This is of interest to both local and foreign players looking to foray into Indian real estate.

“Hyperlocal expansion is a natural progression in our global growth. Synergy Advisors provides the real estate communities where we operate, such as the GCC and North America, with a great opportunity to leverage our brand, macroeconomic depth, geographic adaptability, technological capabilities and high bandwidth to invest in India,” says Manasvi Mehrotra, CEO, RA . Global, Synergy’s key strategic partner.

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“Imagine how incredibly inclusive it will be for small traders, brokers and real estate agencies to access PropTech technologies that simulate real-time experiences through virtual architectural visualization of interesting interiors and exteriors. A smaller connected world is one of the fundamental goals,” he adds.

Clearly, with all that Synergy Advisors is loaded with, it is poised to pave the way for a disruption that could change the face and outlook of real estate in times to come.

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