Tiny Keyboard Transforms Smartwatch Into a Desktop PC

Have you ever wished your smartwatch was more of a computer and less of a fashion item? Ever felt the need to tap keys that are surely too small for normal human fingers? The dream of the 1980s was a watch-sized computer, and in the 21st century we are gifted with that and more. Chinese company Lilygo, whose products we featured earlier, evokes 1980s aesthetics with this tiny Bluetooth keyboard, as CNX Software discovered.

It’s cute, but the actual benefit you can get from it is questionable. And unfortunately, you need a specific smartwatch, so this time you can’t turn your Apple Watch into a productivity machine. The Watch-Keyboard-C3, as it’s called for short, connects to an ESP-32 C3 microcontroller and a LilyGo T watch. The clock is included in the keyboard pack if you don’t have one. There is also an optional audio module with microphone and speaker.

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