Tiffany Cabán’s latest knife to the heart of NYC businesses

True to her socialist ideals, Queens City Councilwoman Tiffany Cabán is on a new campaign against the city’s private sector, seeking illegal evictions.

The city’s “Just Cause” law prohibits fast food companies from laying off or laying off workers or even reducing their hours by more than 15% “without just cause or good economic reason.” As the Post’s Carl Campanile reports, Cabán and City Manager Brad Lander want to expand it significantly “to cover all workers and employers in the city regardless of age or income.”

And the micromanaging will not end there: Cabán’s proposed bill also requires employers to fill all new or open positions with workers dismissed for economic reasons, in order of seniority.

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Other: Authorizes stop payment and prohibits employers from relying on “electronically collected” employee data to fire, train or promote employees and requires them to provide adequate supervisory notice. And requires at least 15 days between the first warning or training and the termination for cause, except when the firing is due to the employee’s “gross failure” in the performance of his duties.

The law would determine how and when employers could fire workers.
The Caban Act can severely restrict the way employers can run their businesses.
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Moreover, it would empower non-profits to sue for infringement – an open invitation to sue.

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This is madness. In the words of Kathryn Wylde, CEO of the New York City Partnership: “Recession aside, this will be a last resort for many employers. It’s basically the end of your ‘love’ job.” Heck, it’s basically the end job: No business can operate under these terms.

Even labor leaders see the madness. As one told Campanile, “What’s the point of a union when anyone can sue you and what sane person would open a small business when anyone can sue you for firing an unemployed employee?”

He also sees a power grab by America’s domestic Democratic Socialists: “It’s a clear power play by the DSA to replace organized labor and their support group allies, while sinking the NYC economy in the process.

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At best, it shows a complete ignorance of how businesses operate, treating all employers as would-be slave masters, guilty unless they can prove themselves innocent.

After that, Cabán’s connection to reality is already very small. He is a big fan of #DefundthePolice, longing to see a city without police, courts or prisons.

He is a threat, pushing leftist ideology over any hope of a safe and prosperous city. Voters of Queens, please give him the boot next year.


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