The Nonprofit Doctor: Maryland business woman helps spot pain points and solutions for local organizations

By Megan Sales, AFRO Business Writer,
A report for a member of the US Army Corps.
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After dedicating 30 years of his life to serving nonprofit organizations, Maryland native Jay Matthews is starting his own consultancy, the nonprofit Dr. The company strives to ensure that organizations around the world have the support they need to sustain themselves, thrive and fulfill their missions.

Matthews, who grew up in Cambridge, got his first job at the age of 14. She was a camp counselor at Delmarva Community Services’ summer camp for youth with developmental disabilities.

She was paired with a youth, accompanying and guiding them through each day’s activities, and the experience sparked the 47-year-old’s passion for nonprofit service.

Although she pursued a primary medical track in her undergraduate studies at Morgan State University, when it came time to apply to medical school, Matthews said she realized there were other ways to improve people’s lives. There when a friend informed her about an opportunity to work in a community organization. Case management in 1999 for a project to redevelop Broadway Homes, a housing complex in Southeast Baltimore.

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The project was a private-public partnership involving diverse stakeholders, and eventually, Broadway Homes became a mixed-use housing complex with more than 100 residences.

After participating in the project, Mathews knew that her career would have to be centered around Alvaroism.

“I knew that if a saint was attached to something that wasn’t very good for other people, then I didn’t want it,” Matthews said. “I need to know that at the end of the day I’ve helped someone and that I’ve done something good for the greater good.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Matthews said he thinks one of the biggest challenges facing nonprofits is a lack of capacity.

The pandemic has exacerbated societal ills, such as food insecurity, domestic violence, under- and unemployment, and housing instability, and nonprofits have stepped in to alleviate these problems, serving a larger population than they should. .

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Matthews announced the nonprofit doctorate in July in celebration of her graduation from Walden University, where she earned a doctor of business administration in social impact management.

She came out in scrubs, highlighting her commitment to nonprofit care by creating her company.

Jay Matthews is the executive director of the nonprofit Doctor, which strives to ensure that nonprofits around the world are able to sustain themselves and fulfill their missions.

The nonprofit physician will partner with nonprofit leadership, staff, boards, and stakeholders to ensure they are organizing their services and operating effectively. Matthews will provide services, including strategic planning, financial management, budget development, program evaluation and gap analysis.

She credits much of her success thus far to her mother, Alma Bolden, who raised her as a single mother. Although she was uneducated herself, Bolden always made sure that Matthews received the support she needed to thrive in her studies.

She also advised Matthews to stop making excuses, own up to his failures and use them to do better in the future.

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Soon, Matthews will leave Maryland for Clearwater, Fla., where she will become executive director of the city’s Community Rehabilitation Agency (CRA), although she plans to continue her work with the nonprofit physician. Appointed by Mayor Frank Hibberd, she will begin her role this December and will support the city’s small businesses, making sure they have what they need to grow and serve their communities.

“Every gift that I have, every opportunity that I have, I always say, ‘God, let me bless or help something outside of myself,'” Matthews said. “I just want to be a light in this world, and I’ve been that way since childhood.”

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