The New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) Announces Global Partnership With Rock Orient Foundation and the American Education Center Inc.

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Sept. 22, 2022 10:00 am EDT

The New York Institute of Finance, Inc. (NYIF) today announced its partnership with the Rock Orient Foundation (“rock foundation“) and American Education Center Inc. (“AEC“) to work together to offer professional NYIF certification programs focused on skill building and career development in the financial services industry. The three organizations have also agreed to offer NYIF certification courses for college students and entry-level professionals outside of the financial sector around the world world and provide financial literacy to underprivileged communities to enhance employability and entrepreneurship.

The Rock Orient Foundation is a foundation owned and directed by Steven C. Rockefeller Jr., a fifth-generation member of the Rockefeller family. The foundation seeks to provide solutions to challenges and problems, as well as to support the development of public health and the promotion of global education and cultural communication, and the development of human society.

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Founded in 2014, American Education Center, Inc. provides tailored advisory services to educational institutions and businesses, as well as international students studying in the United States and US students studying worldwide. AEC has recently expanded its services into the vocational training sector, including helping clients’ employees acquire knowledge and skills in areas such as green finance, blockchain and fintech to support the career development of young professionals.

“As 2022 marks NYIF’s 100th year, we are excited to expand our client coverage and resources to deliver world-class financial education to a much broader audience through our partnership with the Rock Orient Foundation and the American Education Center,” said the chief by NYIF Executive Director Lee Tian. “Since 1922, NYIF has been committed to providing world-leading ‘Wall Street knowledge’, taught by practitioners and finance professionals. We have teams and offices in several key nations and, together with our digital learning platform, are able to serve students and professionals worldwide. Our partnership provides We also have the opportunity to partner with a US non-profit organization led by a respected business leader in the financial industry to bring financial education to disadvantaged communities, women entrepreneurs and the younger generation. NYIF, Rock Orient and AEC are truly exemplary of this vision. “

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“We are excited about this new partnership with NYIF, one of New York City’s oldest and most respected financial training institutions,” said Rock Orient Foundation Chair Steven C. Rockefeller Jr. “This initiative helps us achieve more education and Professional development resources to support our mission to advance education. Working with NYIF will allow us to connect more world-class professional resources with professionals and students in developing countries.”

“By working with NYIF, the American Education Center will continue its mission of supporting international students in their professional pursuits. Today’s technology will provide students and professionals with access to world-class educational resources,” said AEC Executive Director Christian Rockefeller. “Together we will provide leadership in global education and empowerment.”

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The Rock Orient Foundation and AEC have each signed an agreement with NYIF for a long-term strategic partnership in the areas of professional training and certification, academic content development, marketing, international recruitment and course delivery. Beginning this fall, NYIF will partner with the Rock Orient Foundation to develop programs to teach financial and business skills to schools in disadvantaged communities and women entrepreneurs. NYIF and AEC will jointly provide executive training for foreign companies interested in investing in the United States

The agreement between AEC and NYIF also includes NYIF’s support in establishing a regional financial education institute in Asia Pacific to bring Wall Street expertise to the professional communities of Asia Pacific’s fast-growing economies.

Source: New York Institute of Finance

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