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The ultimate guide to Wingfest in Manchester – how to get tickets

Georgina Pelant
Georgina Pelant

The world’s largest chicken wing festival returns to Manchester this weekend, bringing with it some of the UK’s best street food vendors.

On Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September, Wingfest traders will move to the Trafford Center for 2022 and prepare to serve a whopping 200,000 wings over the course of two days.

The event, which plays host to chicken lovers from far and wide, will host a series of cooking demonstrations and eating competitions over the coming weekend, including a famous hot wing challenge that will require brutal contestants to sign a waiver in advance.

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Image: Wing Festival
Image: Wing Festival

This weekend you’ll find 20 different street food vendors, restaurants, grill teams and pop-ups from across the country serving up their signature bites at Wingfest – be they fried, spicy, baked, sweet or gooey as hell.

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All wings cost £1.25 and are sold in individual joints so voters can sample as many wings as possible from each of the retailers, who accept both cash and cards.

Elsewhere, you’ll find bars selling a variety of bourbons and beers. Please note that all bars at the event are ticket only.

Water refill points are available on site and allergen information is available from vendors on the day.


Image: Wing Festival
Image: Wing Festival

The UK’s top chicken experts will demonstrate their culinary skills through cooking demonstrations and a festival-wide competition – all trying to be crowned Wing King or Queen.

This year’s dealer competition is divided into two categories: The Best Buffalo Wing and The Best Wild Wing.

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In the first, more self-explanatory category, grocers compete to crown their spicy sauce, while the game category encourages chefs to be creative with different flavors and toppings.

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A total of 8,000 happy chicken wing fans have the opportunity to vote for their favorite wings over the weekend.

True wing lovers should also consider entering the very naughty wing eating contest, where brave and hungry individuals compete on the main stage to see who can eat the messiest wings.

The Get Heated Lava Wing Challenge, hosted by The Food Review Club and Clifton Chilli Club, will cause carnage with only the bravest taking part in Britain’s hottest wing challenge.

Ticket holders can register to attend the day Announcements will be made from the main stage when registration is open.

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Image: Wing Festival
Image: Wing Festival

Along with various vendors to sample, cooking demonstrations to visit and eating contests to watch, ax throwing stations, amusement rides and live music keep the party going all weekend.

With a chicken wing in each hand, visitors to Manchester Wing Fest can dance to killer DJs, live blues and marching bands as the festival stretches late into the night.

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How to get tickets

On Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September 2022, those who head downstairs can expect a day of chicken grub as well as plenty of music and entertainment. Tickets cost X and can be purchased here.

Featured Image – Wing Fest

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