The Maester and The Clubfoot

Very rarely are there signs game of Thrones or house of the dragon which could be described as simply good or even well-intentioned. The world of ice and fire is filled with people who are constantly looking out for their own good, fueled by jealousy and hatred, and operating outside the bounds of the law. In the latest episode of house of the dragon“We Light The Way,” viewers spent some time with one character who embodies these traits and were introduced to another who breaks the mold.

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house of the dragon The brutal depiction of medieval medicine was one of the highlights of this series. From leeches to moon teas to maggots and dangerous cesareans, it’s clear that Westeros would undoubtedly benefit from a little science, perhaps a CDC or a Dr. Fauci to help them. As King Viserys’ deteriorating condition shows, the older Grand Maester Mellos’ remedies are not helping. But alongside Mellos, a new character stood at the king’s side, offering a glimmer of hope and a premonition of what was to come.

The new game of Thrones The prequel series has mastered the art of blinking, and you’ll miss introducing characters. This weekly series of articles pretty much builds on that, and We Light The Way continued the trend with launch Maester Orwyle.

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Warning: we’re getting in SPOILER under.

Maester Orwyle will be an important player house of the dragon

While Grand Maester Mellos continues to treat Viserys with leeches, which have little to no effect, a younger maester suggests a new form of treatment. This is Maester Orwyle (Kurt Egyiawan), who has a bigger role than this cameo might suggest.

In George RR Martin’s book Fire & Blood, Grand Maester Mellos eventually dies, and Queen Alicent and Princess Rhaenyra disagree over who should replace him. However, appointing a new Grand Maester is the job of the Citadel, not the King, and it is the quiet, peaceful, forward-thinking Orwyle who gets the job. While the trailer for the upcoming episode makes it appear that Viserys is in worse shape than before, this will be despite Orwyle’s earnest attempts to help. The King’s life is eventually reinvigorated by Orwyle’s treatments, and he earns the trust of Rhaenyra and Alicent for his work.

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As a young man who is one of the few at court to have earned the favor of both the queen and princess, Orwyle finds himself in the thick of things when the line of succession erupts in civil war. in the Fire & Blood, accounts differ as to the role Orwyle plays in the war. Orwyle himself writes about his experiences, taking care to portray himself in the most sympathetic light possible. It will be fascinating to see how the show develops this character.

Image: HBO/YouTube, House of the Dragon

Meet Larys Strong

Larys “The Clubfoot” Strong made her first appearance in the third episode at Viserys’ hunt. Book readers like me trembled with joy and fear when he reappeared in “We Light The Way,” whispering in Alicent’s ear and subtly influencing events to come.

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fire and blood describes Larys as a cunning and quiet man who prefers to keep his own advice and listen rather than speak. “The Clubfoot” is one of the most mysterious characters in Westerosi history, and his allegiances and goals throughout Dance of the Dragons are unclear. As seen in his first real scene in the godswood with Queen Alicent, Larys hides behind his gentle build and uses carefully gathered intel to fuel rivalries and find allies. Between Lady Mysaria and Larys Strong, the powerful lords and ladys at court are unknowingly manipulated into hating and distrusting one another, ultimately stoking the fire that will lead to war.

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Larys acts innocent and kind, but he knows exactly what he’s doing, leaking harmful information to Alicent about Rhaenyra while also positioning himself as a useful ally in court. Larys is always a few steps ahead and it will be fascinating to see how house of the dragon clears up rumors about him that were only hinted at on the pages fire and blood.

House of the Dragon - Daemon and Laena

House of the dragon episode 5

Meanwhile, Lady Laena’s flirtation with Daemon hints at her future marriage. house of the dragon is full of moments like this, and we just expect them to keep coming.

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