The Gustave Roussy Institute Integrates Synapse Platform to Ensure Complex Prescription Safety

New York, December 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — of France Gustav Russi Institute, of Europe A leading cancer center and ranked third in the world by Newsweek magazine, a leader in clinical pharmacy and medication reconciliation has chosen to partner with Synapse Medicine.

(PRNewsPhoto/Synapse Medicine)

(PRNewsPhoto/Synapse Medicine)

Empowering clinical pharmacy to improve patient care
The role of clinical pharmacy in a health facility is to optimize and ensure the safety of therapeutic care at every stage of the patient care pathway. As such, clinical pharmacy plays an essential role in protecting patient welfare, particularly in oncology.

Hence strengthening key activities of clinical pharmacy such as medication reconciliation, to prevent the risk of adverse drug events (ADEs) across the care pathway – from hospitalization through discharge. Regarding discharge, a survey of health institutions conducted by the Directorate General de l’Affray de Soins (Directorate General for Healthcare Provision) found a lack of relevant equipment (81%), as well as an inadequate information system and “commercial” software (78%).1.

“The development of clinical pharmacy is a global trend. And oncology is a priority for Synapse Medicine because it is an area where we stand to help a large number of patients. We already collaborate with many of the best cancer centers, and it is now the European leader in the list of third cancer centers in the world. It’s an honor to work with Gustave Rousey.” said Clément Goehrs, MD, CEO and co-founder of Synapse Medicine.

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Leaders in their fields are coming together for the welfare of patients
Gustave Roussy selected Synapse Medicines for its leading medication reconciliation platform. The Synapse platform solution has been successfully deployed across hospital systems in collaboration with Lifen, a leading health technology start-up focused on interoperability. This alliance makes it possible to streamline the exchange of information along the entire length of the care pathway to facilitate medical decision-making and improve patient care. The implementation of the Synapse platform by Lifen brings real time-savings for Gustav Rusi healthcare teams in patient administrative data entry. The main result of this collaboration is a streamlined workflow for the daily work of health professionals and improved patient follow-up.

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“One of our goals is to offer the most relevant digital solutions to our patients and teams and integrate them as seamlessly as possible into their daily operations. The combination of state-of-the-art solutions such as the Synapse Medicine Platform and the Lifen Interoperability Platform is a relevant model for us, through extremely rapid implementation of the system. Confirmed,” comments Christoph MettlerDirector of Digital Transformation and Information Systems

related to Synapse Medicine
At Synapse Medicine, we believe in breakthrough medicine, and are dedicated to creating technology that makes it possible for everyone. To achieve this goal, we have built an extensive global knowledge base for medicines using algorithms to ensure the most reliable, up-to-date data. Going forward, Synapse Medicine provides a SaaS platform and UI components used to prescribe, dispense and manage medications throughout the patient journey. Synapse is working with the world’s leading hospitals and digital health organizations United States, Europe And Japan To transform today’s medicine practices into tomorrow’s medicine breakthroughs.

About Gustav Rousey
Ranked as the leading European cancer center and third in the world, Gustav Russi is a center of comprehensive expertise and fully dedicated to cancer patients. The institute is a founding member of the Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster. It is a source of diagnostic and therapeutic advances. It caters to around 50,000 patients per year and its approach is one that integrates research, patient care and education. It specializes in the treatment of rare cancers and complex tumors and treats all cancers in patients of any age. Its care is personalized and combines the most advanced medical methods with an appreciation of the patient’s human needs. Apart from the quality of treatment provided, the physical, mental and social aspects of the patient’s life are respected. 4,100 professionals work at its two campuses: Villejuif and Cheville-Laroux. Gustav Russi combines the skills essential for the highest quality research in oncology: a quarter of treated patients are included in clinical trials.

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