The future of reproductive medicine, now available at Gynera Floreasca Park

Patients struggling with infertility and couples trying to conceive can now find multiple treatment solutions at the newest state-of-the-art center for reproductive medicine in Romania, recently opened in Bucharest’s Floriasca Park. The clinic’s unique concept offers an integrated approach to fertility and pregnancy under one roof.

The fertility issue is still a taboo in Romania, even if it affects 1 in 6 couples trying to conceive. Fortunately, innovative treatments are available today, poised to shape the future of medicine.

With 15 years of successful experience in fertility treatment in Romania, more than 3000 children born after IVF treatment (in vitro fertilization) and success rates above the average European data, Gynera Clinic integrates in the same facility both preventive methods and the most advanced multidisciplinary. Treatment, in the safest and most comfortable conditions.

The new Gynera Floreasca Park center introduces artificial intelligence, advanced genetics, personalized medicine and technological premieres based on key programs as well as strategic partnership with the FutureLife international group of clinics for future reproductive challenges – single patients and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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“The most advanced technologies in this field are accessible to both medical professionals and the general public, as they embark on a journey into the future. These new solutions will surely be a game changer for society and traditional families and will push the boundaries of assisted reproduction to what we can imagine today. ” said Dr. Laura Dracea, SRFRA (Romanian Society for Fertility and Assisted Reproduction), founder and director of Gainer Fertility Clinic, member of the Future Life International Medical Board.

All the technologies, programs and services necessary for parenthood are available in an integrated and coherent way within the clinic: DNA compatibility of partners and other advanced genetic tests, in vitro fertilization, reproductive cell and embryo banking, modern maternal-fetal medicine, endocrinological screening, andrology, sexology. , genetics, nutrition, cardiology, immunology, counseling and support programs, psychotherapy, acupuncture, pregnancy and birth training.

The place where science creates miracles

Gynera Floreasca Park offers both a friendly and relaxing space with premium facilities and multiple security measures.

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The center benefits from unique international partnership opportunities for treatment, research and development through the FutureLife Group, educational platforms for patients and professionals, recreational facilities and even an urban garden, for a relaxed patient mindset.

#WelcomeLife – Scientific Launch Event

The reunion of medical professionals, authorities, media and patient organizations before the launch of the new clinic was a unique scientific event.

Under the #WelcomeLife concept, Professor Simon Fishel, involved in the conception of the first IVF child in history, as well as other visionary experts presented innovative technologies including artificial intelligence, embryo selection to prevent cancer and other serious illnesses, dedicated programs in non-traditional families, spontaneous abortions due to genetic male profile. New tests for resistance.

All guests had access to the medicine of the future, discovering backstage innovations through personal tours and real stories following successful processes. For example, Valentina Pelinel, a mother who shared her personal experience of giving birth to 3 children through IVF, created a one-of-a-kind moment by appearing in person next to her virtual, holographic image.

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Gynera Floreasca Park Reproductive Medicine Center

Gynera is the first specialized assisted reproduction clinic in Romania, with a history of 15 years of successful results, continuous medical contributions, innovation and success in IVF procedures.

The efficiency and patient-centered approach has resulted in the realization of outstanding results in the largest number of IVF babies born in the country – more than 3000 till date.

Gainera, the only Romanian fertility clinic member of FutureLife, is an international leader in reproductive medicine and genetics services. Through this membership, it benefits from the support provided by renowned centers in 9 European countries, as well as from major investors in the global financial markets, who are interested in promoting future medicines.

Future Life

FutureLife is one of the largest and most dynamic reproductive medicine and genetics groups worldwide. Its footprint is in different countries with different cultures and legal frameworks, which expands significant collaboration opportunities for the highest quality treatment, education and research.

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