The Complete Expansion Report – Pokemon GO: A Pokemon Special Set

During the Sword and the Shield era, the Pokémon TCG released at least one special expansion every year. The special expansion is a deck of cards that does not include the title of the current era in the name, and is often related to a specific theme. Special expansions have a nice feature as they are only found in set-specific products and not in booster boxes and individual packs. For example, a main series set would be Sword & Shield Astral Radiance and Sword & Shield Lost Origin, and a special set would be Shining Fates, Celebrations, and the theme of this new Spotlight series, the Pokémon GO expansion. Released on July 1st, 2022, this special set was created in collaboration with Niantic Labs, the mobile developer behind the cult game Pokemon GO. The set adapts and honors certain elements of the game while combining current elements like VSTARs, Radiant Pokemon, Alternate Arts and more. Follow me through this set as I appreciate the artwork, discuss the card’s place, and talk about what the expansion could mean for the future of the Pokémon TCG. Today we’re doing one final campaign recap.

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Pokémon GO cards. Pokemon TCG.

Pokemon GO wants to pay homage to the game it’s based on. This works by revealing a specific element of the game, such as: B. the formidable defender Blissey on a gym, while other cards feature Pokemon Lured for stopping. Many of N-DESIGN Inc.’s cards are used to the GO snapshot mechanic. This combines a virtual world created by virtual reality and other virtual reality artists with 3D based Pokemon artwork.


Pokemon GO map. My goodness, Tom, Tom, Tom, Michael, Tom, Tom, Tom, John

The Chase cards in the set are Mewtwo VSTAR, which represents its Rainbow Rare, Gold Secret Rare, and standard form, along with Mewtwo V Alternate Art, which pays tribute to the original Legendary Raids trailer that was originally uploaded. For example, here the three starters will receive a Radiant Pokemon card that can be picked up in the Reverse Holo area. I like Radiant Venusaur, but Radiant Blastoise and Radiant Charizard were totally disappointing. The whole set is very strong, but these cards look like simple drawings that would have been better as uncommon cards than real pursuit cards.

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final scoring

7/10: This particular Pokemon GO-based Pokemon TCG set is a strong set with interesting cards, with only the Radiants leaving something to be desired. The maps based on GO Snapshot are visually interesting, the game references are fun, and the pursuit maps are interesting and strong, although not very numerous.


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