Tech innovations underpin new game-changing farm training program

AgForce, QUEENSLAND’s state agricultural organization, has partnered with skills training company Response to launch a groundbreaking training program for Australian farmers and ranchers.

The new platforms AgLearn, AgTrain and AgMate were developed to fill the education gap created by the closure of Queensland’s agricultural colleges Traditional workplace training with modern technology and tools.

Augmented reality technology is used as part of the new training platform

AgForce Training Pty Ltd was established today in the ‘Pain Points’ pattern of the Queensland meat and beef industry at the Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane.

AgForce CEO Michael Gurin said the move would ensure the current and next generation of farm workers receive the training they need to continue the success of the agribusiness.

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“Agriculture is an important industry and providing industry-relevant training is vital to ensure the current and future workforce is ‘job-ready’ with the necessary skills,” he said.

For example, AgForce surveys had revealed a huge demand for comprehensive education in agriculture and grazing.

“Enterprise employers alone hire 160 new employees each year,” said Mr. Guerin.

“They are dying for them to be trained in occupational health and safety, basic property transactions, basic livestock management and horsemanship, and it costs them a lot of money, time and effort to do that training themselves.

“By working with Response, we can work towards a transformative change in educational pathways and education for our industry in Queensland.”

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The service provider Response has been in business for more than 30 years and owns and operates two registered training organizations.

It is the largest provider of technical training to the beef processing industry in Australia, delivering leadership and management training nationally and internationally.

The company currently runs the Graduate Certificate in Agribusiness on behalf of the Australian Meat Processor Corporation and works closely with associations such as the Australian Meat Industry Council and the Meat Industry Training Advisory Council.

Paul EldridgeDirector of Strategy at Response Group International said he is excited to be working with AgForce.

“AgForce has a long and proud history of representing rural farmers in Queensland, and we look forward to working in partnership with them to develop and deliver training courses that meet the needs of current and next-generation farmers” , he said.

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“Response has an enviable reputation for working with partners to deliver innovative and practical solutions that benefit the industry – which is what we do best.

“Our trainers come from industry backgrounds and it is our intention to involve the industry deeply in this partnership from the start to ensure that what is built and delivered meets the wants and needs of the industry.

“It’s time to create a fit-for-purpose and future-proof workforce as we move into a brave new digital and tech-driven future.”


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