Strong show from Tinahely as they power to U16 ‘A’ football final

Tinachely 2-15

arnew Emmets 1-4

Tinachtey and Carnew Emmets provided an entertaining U16 A LGFA semi-final last Thursday night, September 22nd in Tinachtely.

While the goal line indicates a more than comfortable win for the home side, it doesn’t quite do justice to the contribution the Carnew ladies made to the game.

Tinachtely had the ability to keep the scoreboard ticking throughout the first half and was leading 1-8 to 0-1 at half-time, but that one point the visitors scored should have been more.

Aside from Carnew kicking a number of wides, Carnew also found Niamh Whelan keeping a surefire goal for Tinachely.

The score in the second half was more a reflection of how the game was spread, with Tinachely continuing to move like a well-oiled machine, adding another 1-7 to the scoreboard. But the Emmets were better rewarded for their efforts this half, scoring 1-3 overall.

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Carnew opened the game in good fashion, with midfielder Tara Doran scoring her opening point within a minute. This didn’t bother the home side, however, and when Olivia Shannon leveled the teams, Tinachely began to move in a very organized manner.

Powerful centre-forward Aine D’Arcy and two wingers Alannah Murphy and Danielle Shannon combined well, and inside forwards Aine McDonald, Chloe Sheehy and Bea Clancy caused problems for the Carnew defense.

Aine D’Arcy sent a tight free-kick into the net and points from Olivia Shannon (2) and Bea Clancy (2) gave the home side a 1-4, 0-1 lead by the quarter-hour mark.

Carnew, featuring the likes of Tara Doran, Emma Kinnear, Katie Wafer, Emma Cullen and Ana Dragusin, gained their share of possession in the middle third of the field, but they had little success when it came to points.

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More points from Aine D’Arcy, Charlotte Doyle and Bea Clancy gave Tinachely an 8-1, 1-0 lead at half-time.

As in the first half, Carnew opened the restart with a point from Ana Dragusin.

Charlotte Doyle responded quickly with a goal from Tinachely followed by a point from Chloe Sheehy.

Charlotte Doyle had a very good second half and showed again. Her midfield partner Olivia Shannon continued the Tinachely momentum before Tara Doran stopped the home side’s flow of goals and added another Carnew point.

Both teams made full use of their substitute benches. Charlotte Doyle added two points for Tinachely before centre-forward Katie Wafer came through for Carnew’s long-threatened goal.

Tara Doran finished the game the way she started with one final point for the Emmets, while Danielle Shannon from the game and Aine D’Arcy from a free completed the Tinachely count.

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They won comfortably with a good combined team effort. Carnew Emmets improved significantly in the second half and will still progress as they start finding the posts more often.

Final score: Tinachely 2-15, Carnew Emmets 1-4.

Tinachely: Niamh Whelan; Aimee Clancy, Ava O’Keeffe, Niamh Monaghan; Grace Mulhall, Sarah Doyle, Emma Healy; Olivia Shannon (0-3), Charlotte Doyle (1-3); Alannah Murphy, Aine D’Arcy (1-3), Danielle Shannon (0-1), Bea Clancy (0-4), Chloe Sheehy (0-1), Aine McDonald. Substitutes: Hannah O’Neill, Erin Donlon, Jessica Murphy, Rachel Tighe.

Carnew Emmets: Julie Rawson; Rachel Dee, Ciara Kennedy; Faye Mulroe; Molly Gregan, Emma Kinnear, Lauren Myers; Tara Doran (0-3), Karen O’Brien; Emma Cullen, Katie Wafer (1-0), Colleen Gregan; Caoimhe Kinsella, Ana Dragusin (0-1), Aoife Molloy. Substitutes: Chloe Massey, Chloe Byrne, Keelin Molloy, Shannon Mallon, Laura Mulroe.

Referee: John Bermingham (Coolkenno)

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