Street Medicine Program Partners with Mobile Clinic

CSUSB Nursing Street Medicine Program partners with new mobile medical clinic

The CSUSB Nursing Street Medicine Program has been selected to partner with a new community mobile clinic in the Palm Desert – Coachella Valley.

The mobile clinic – the result of a collaborative effort between the Desert Healthcare District and Foundation, the Coachella Valley Resource Conservation District, Desert Physicians Medical Group (DPMG) Health and other community partners – was unveiled at the Desert Regional Medical Center (DRMC) in Palm Springs. On December 2.

The new mobile clinic is a 26-foot vehicle with two exam rooms, a full bathroom and other amenities. It will be licensed and operated by DPMG Health, serving traditionally underserved communities throughout the Coachella Valley.

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Nursing faculty and students in the CSUSB Nursing Street Medicine program will conduct mental health assessments and report the results to a psychiatric nurse practitioner who will interview patients online and prescribe medication. Nursing faculty and students will dispense medications to patients from an on-site supply of medications provided by the DRMC pharmacy program and pharmacy residents.

The CSUSB Nursing Street Medicine Program will also provide nurse clinics and foot soaks for vulnerable populations served by mobile units.

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“We are grateful to the District and DPMG for the opportunity to provide unique behavioral health telehealth services to vulnerable populations in the Valley and to increase the availability of psychiatric medications for individuals with mental health and substance abuse problems,” said Diane Vines, CSUSB Nursing Faculty and CSUSB Nursing Director of the Street Medicine Program. “I want to thank the Houston Family Foundation for the behavioral health programs that the Nursing Street Medicine Team will provide.”

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For more information about the CSUSB Nursing Street Medicine Program, contact Diane Vines at [email protected] or 503-819-4285.

Caption of the above photo:

Members of the CSUSB Nursing Street Medicine Program pose in front of a new mobile medical clinic during an unveiling and ribbon-cutting ceremony Dec. 2, in Palm Springs, Calif.

L to R: Danny Castaneda, Veronica Kretschinger, Sayaf Eid, Jessica Rodriguez, Alexis Molina Gonzalez, Diane Vines, Sarah Harrington, Julie Suriano, Nally Herrera, Matthew Morse, Catherine Livanos.

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