Spirulina lives up to the hype – and you can pick up an immune-boosting, vitamin-packed spray now

Get your Spirulina fix! This superfood lives up to the hype—and right now, just in time for cold and flu season, you can grab a vitamin-packed, immune-boosting spirulina spray.

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You’re probably familiar with the many superfoods that have taken the world by storm over the years. Some were definitely worth all the exaggeration, while others fell short of expectations.

It’s safe to say that spirulina definitely falls into the old camp, thanks to its many proven benefits. Studies have found algae to be a nutritional powerhouse that can provide a serious energy boost thanks to its potent nutrient concentration.

You can enjoy these benefits by adding Örlö Immunity Boost Ultra Spirulina oral spray to your daily regimen. The complex is formulated to improve energy levels while supporting a stronger immune system so you can stay as healthy as possible.

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Boost your immune health and boost your energy levels with this easy-to-use spray that provides everything you need in just two easy sprays.

Rich in greenhouse grown spirulina, the spray provides a potent concentration of vitamins B12 and D so you feel your best – which is especially important during cold and flu season.

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The hero ingredient in the spray is spirulina, which is both a reliable source of protein and rich in nutrients like essential amino acids, iron and vitamin B12.

During cold and flu season, it’s important to support your nutritional needs as much as possible. Adding a solid and reliable product like this to your routine is an easy way to ensure you get what you need.

What sets this particular spirulina in Örlö Immunity Boost apart is its potency. It is produced in the greenhouse, so growers have much more control over the environment in which it is grown. Making these adjustments allows them to improve the nutritional profile of spirulina.

For this particular formula, pink lights are used to promote the growth of spirulina and its vitamins. The wavelength of light increases the vitamin’s potency and makes it a better source than algae harvested in sunlight.

In fact, laboratory tests confirm the presence of methyl cobalamin in spirulina. This is the most easily absorbed form of vitamin B12 as opposed to synthetic cyanocobalamin – you’ll find it in many over-the-counter supplements.

For this reason alone, the benefits of adding Immunity Boost Ultra Spirulina Oral Spray can be enormous. The cocktail not only contains this invaluable form of spirulina, but is also enriched with vitamin D3 to support immune health, mood and overall strength.

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Shoppers expressed satisfaction, saying, “It has a slightly sweet flavor reminiscent of walnuts (possibly from B vitamins).” Overall it’s a harmless taste and I feel an energy boost after taking it — so I can say it works!’

This particular product is packaged in a convenient two-ounce bottle so you can easily slip it in your bag, put it in a desk drawer, or take it wherever you go. And it’s easy to use: Just pop it into your mouth twice and swallow.

Just a few sprays are all it takes to get what you need.  You can take the convenient bottle wherever you go to get your spirulina fix.

Just a few sprays are all it takes to get what you need. You can take the convenient bottle wherever you go to get your spirulina fix.

The spray also checks all the boxes: it’s vegetarian, non-GMO, and third-party tested to verify its safety and performance. Made entirely from renewable resources, Örlö Immunity Boost Ultra Spirulina Oral Spray has an impressive portfolio and can also do your body a world of good.


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