Soundcore VR P10 Gaming Earbuds are the first TWS products with official Meta Quest 2 compatibility

One might be inclined to think that the P10 VR gaming headphones were made by Meta when they were first picked up; however, as their creator Soundcore proudly announced when they debuted, they were Made For Meta instead.

The new gaming headphones are the first among TWS headphones to receive this endorsement from Mark Zuckerberg’s company. That means they’re officially recognized as optimized for use with the Quest 2 (and not the newer Quest Pro, oddly enough, despite their October 18, 2022 launch date).

To that end, the Anker Soundcore brand claims that the VR P10s are a viable alternative to headphones when playing on a headset such as the Quest 2 thanks to the dongle that attaches to the headphone case next to them.

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As a result, it can plug into the side of the headset to deliver wireless audio that syncs with latency as low as 30 milliseconds (ms) using the LS3 codec and internal LightningSync wireless technology. It even has a 2nd external Type-C input for pass-through charging, so the Quest 2 can be powered normally if needed.

Additionally, Soundcore points out that the additional kit can also be used with a variety of consoles or PCs, and even hints that with the multi-device connectivity of the P10s, a user could get up to 3 additional dongles for the seamless transfer of pairing between all their devices.

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Again, with their Bluetooth 5.2 support, 11mm drivers, and 4-mic beamforming feature for crystal clear calls, the VR P10s can also double as “regular” TWS headphones. On that note, they’re rated to last 6 hours on their own, or up to 24 hours when backed up with their case.

Through their relationship with Meta, a Quest 2 user can purchase the P10 VR gaming headphones through this online company. However, they are also on Amazon for US$99.99 right now.

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