Snap And Rakuten Viber Go To FIFA World Cup 2022

Rakuten Viber and Snap have bundles of AR lenses and interactive experiences to celebrate the FIFA World Cup. Since the two apps joined forces on AR technology last summer, activations like this often happen at the same time for both companies, ensuring that users of both platforms have access to quality AR content.

However, remember that AR content on both platforms is never exactly the same. Here we take a look at how both companies and their communities are celebrating the world’s most watched sporting event.

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Rakuten Viber Experiences

Rakuten Viber is a secure calling and messaging app that last year added support for AR effects and other graphics through a partnership with Snap. However, the company is taking this technology in its own direction when it comes to the experiences it provides users.

“We are excited to offer our users many different rewards and interactive content,” Atanas Raykov, Rakuten Viber’s senior director of growth markets, said in a report shared with ARPost. “Sharing predictions, finding out the score of the latest game or checking the global leaderboard will be as easy as opening the Viber app.”

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World Cup on Viber

Rakuten Viber users have access to themed frames for festive photos, as well as game score tracking and other features. Users can also enhance photos with a World Cup sticker pack in English as well as eighteen other languages.

World Cup 2022 - Viber AR Lenses

Rakuten Viber has also created a series of gamified lenses that allow users to score goals with a virtual ball, cheer on their favorite team or take short videos of themselves with soccer balls flying around their heads.

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And that’s just the AR experiences. Rakuten also has channels dedicated to the game and an AI chatbot for soccer fans that users can interact with in and around the big game.

Snap Experience

Snap is also excited to celebrate the big game. And like Rakuten Viber, they have both experience with AR as well as surface and 3D activations in other parts of their app services.

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“We’re excited to cover the biggest global sporting event of the year across Snapchat – with dedicated custom AR experiences and comprehensive content coverage that will include localized highlights from every game in over 30 countries.” Snap Inc’s head of sports partnerships, Anmol Malhotra, said in a message shared with ARPost.

AR experience

Snap’s AR offering includes both official and “organic” lenses and filters representing 13 national teams from around the world. There’s also a new World Cup themed mask to help you get into the action too.

Lenses National Team Partner - World Cup 2022 - Snap

The “Live Garment Transfer” lenses also allow AR to try on the official team kit for five teams – USMNT, France, Saudi Arabia, Belgium and Qatar. This activation also marks the availability of the tool for Lens creators after spending the last few months in-house development.

Live Garment Transfer demo GIF

More experiences across the Snap universe

Not all of Snap’s World Cup adventures are in AR either. There are also official and organic stickers, themed content on Spotlight and Discover, and special Bitmoji outfits.

For a truly global celebration, open the Snap Map. Posters who choose to share their celebrations publicly can have their content appear in their actual location, so you can see what the celebrations look like around the world.

I want a good, clean game

No matter which platform you use or how you use it, it’s fun to see these social platforms show their colors for the world’s biggest game. See you at the World Cup!


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