Scientist R Vishnu Prassad felicitated with ET Global Indian Leader Award 2022

New Delhi (India), October 22 (ANI/PNN): The world belongs to those who shape it. And as uncertain as the world may seem at any given time, the reassuring reality seems to be that each new generation creates new technologies that take the world to the next level. “Leading through innovation. This is what the brilliant young scientist and founder, R Vishnu Prassad, said about his research center Vishnu Prasad.

What started as a research department in 2018 has now led to the development of 18 R&D departments such as agriculture, IIoT, defense, transport, solar energy, software, robotics, materials science, fuels, meditech, water, consumer electronics, sustainability, virtual reality, aerospace, construction, waste recycling, education and genetics. We, as a team, have acquired 69 patents and achieved 120 inventions. As of March 2022, VPRC has five laboratories worldwide and has over 45 people working in its prestigious institutions as professors, researchers and scientists from Israel, Germany, Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Japan and China.

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Addressing the young scientist awarded as India’s Global Leader in 2022, he said, “Technology is impacting people’s lives no matter where they live. From villages to cities, technology is improving quality of life. Whether in any field, from medicine to education; technology has a solid footing. To my dismay, advancements in technology have made it accessible only to the wealthy. When I “I thought about making the technology available to all humans, I realized it would lead to scalability if the technology was affordable. That’s when the idea behind our VPRC’s R&D department.”

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Asked about his inventions, he said, “I see water scarcity as a significant threat to humanity. The impacts of climate change are also making water more unpredictable. To do our part for the sustainability of water management, our R&D team invented an air-water generator, which generates water in the air and an advanced water purification system where waste water can be recycled and reused. Asked about his future research projects, he said, “VPRC is building a sophisticated multi-specialty R&D laboratory in India. people.”

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When the scientist was asked for advice for students interested in science, he replied, “Being an ardent follower of Thomas Edison, I believe good imagination takes a long time. Keep imagining because it opens the way to inventions”. This story was provided by PNN. ANI shall in no way be responsible for the content of this article. (ANI/PNN)

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