Roole Locates Stolen Vehicles Globally via Nodle Network’s On-Chain Services

September 20, 2022 – San Francisco, California

When a Roole vehicle is reported stolen, millions of Nodle-enabled smartphones work together to locate the lost vehicle.

Vehicle theft is a widespread problem in Europe and Roole, a French automobile club, today announced its partnership with Nodle to help car owners track and find their cars.

Nodle is a decentralized network of smartphones working together to locate and connect smart objects like Bluetooth tags embedded in vehicles. Nodle users are rewarded with the NODL cryptocurrency in exchange for helping with cellular network expansion and locating stolen vehicles.

Standard Bluetooth tags are attached to the vehicle and when an owner reports a vehicle being stolen, the Nodle Network searches for the tag in question. When a vehicle is detected, the detection is securely forwarded to Roole.

The entire process, from contributing to the Nodle network to locating vehicles, is based on the principles of data protection, where no direct personal data such as first or last name are collected.

Rolele CEO Thomas Fournier said:

“We are excited to test the Nodle network with our fleet. Several low-cost intelligent sensors prevent the dismantling of stolen vehicles a common practice in Europe where stolen vehicles are sold for parts.

“For example, if a car is stolen from France and ends up in another country, there’s a good chance we’ll find it thanks to our partnership with the Nodle Network.”

Micha Benoliel, Founder and CEO of Nodle said:

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“Roole represents the first step in shifting enterprise asset tracking toward a more secure and private model that leverages a decentralized architecture. On-chain services like Roole provide a powerful, real-world use case for the Nodle network, adding value that anyone with a smartphone can benefit from in the form of Nodle’s native token NODL.”

Using the Nodle network’s on-chain API for tracking vehicles, Roole works wherever Nodle exists. This means if a vehicle lands in another country, the vehicle can still be tracked. There are no complex roaming agreements, expensive cellular modules or GPS. With Bluetooth already on billions of smartphones, Nodle just works.

Garrett Kinsman, co-founder of Nodle said:

“Roole represents a compelling real-world use case for intelligent on-chain asset tracking. It represents a shift where non-blockchain or Web 2.0 companies are using decentralized technologies to create new experiences for their customers.”

In the automotive industry, the Nodle Network has many other possible applications. Ridesharing services, for example, want to ensure that drivers use the vehicle declared on their platform and make their journeys, rather than sharing it with someone else.

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The Nodle Network can be used to prove that the driver is in the right vehicle and is being driven by the right driver. A cryptographic proof would be issued without the need to share any personal information, thereby tying the vehicle to the driver and passenger.

In the future, vehicles could even support Nodle natively, allowing anti-theft devices to be integrated into vehicle hardware. In this forthcoming solution, Nodle-enabled vehicles would be extremely difficult to steal, which would deter thieves.

To learn more about Roole, you can visit the website. To earn cryptocurrency by helping find Roole vehicles and other smartphone devices, visit here.

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