Revna Biosciences, a Tekedia Capital portfolio, will improve patient healthcare with Precision Medicine in Africa

Precision medicine or personalized medicine is a breakthrough innovation in healthcare. It facilitates highly accurate disease detection, prevention and treatment by considering each individual’s genetic makeup, lifestyle, ethnicity, family history, behavior and environment. Currently, patients who require a blood transfusion are matched with blood samples from people with identical blood types, minimizing potential side effects and improving patient care outcomes. Imagine if this approach were expanded to detect, prevent and treat endemic diseases affecting Africans, including malaria, tuberculosis, heart disease and diabetes, for all.

Precision medicine ensures that everyone receives tailored treatment based on their genetic, environmental and lifestyle characteristics. It ensures that every patient receives the right treatment, in the right dose, at the right time, improving patient health outcomes, minimizing one-size-fits-all prescriptions, mitigating inaccurate diagnoses, reducing medical complications, and reducing health tourism from Africa and associated capital flight.

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Africa is known to be the continent with the greatest genetic diversity, and several populations from other continents have genetic roots in Africa. However, only about 3% of the global genome data used in studies comes from individuals of African descent. Recent data show that this ratio has further decreased to around 1%, meaning Africans and their descendants may be missing out on the benefits of genomics research, such as B. the early detection of diseases and the precise design of drugs.

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RevnaBio (, a Portfolio company of Tekedia Capital, will be at the forefront of advancing precision medicine in Africa through cutting-edge biomedical research to uncover the biological constructs of diseases affecting Africans and people of African heritage. We are very proud of the pledges from Revna Biosciences to begin operations in Ghana this month to serve Africa. Once Ghana’s operations are stabilized, the Nigerian entity will be established.

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Thank you to all Tekedia Capital members who had the courage to bring this promise to Africa. Here we are funding the foundations of NEXT Africa and Revna will have a catalytic impact on our people, communities and our continent. All members are invited to the opening ceremony in Accra.

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Photo: recently completed Revna biotech campus in Accra

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