Review team seeks stakeholder input on FDA and announces public meeting

The Reagan-Udall Foundation is trying to collect perspectives and experiences on the Human Food Program of the Food and Drug Administration via a new “stakeholder portal”.

The Reagan-Udall Foundation’s independent panel of experts was commissioned to evaluate the structure, leadership, authority, resources and culture of the FDA’s human nutrition program.

FDA Commissioner Robert Califf announced the review in May when questioned by a congressional committee about an outbreak of Cronobacter infections linked to Abbott Nutrition infant formula. The agency came under fire for slow response to the situation and disorganization. Some people have called for a reshuffle of top positions at the FDA.

The Reagan-Udall panel is expected to come up with recommendations that would enable the FDA to fulfill its regulatory responsibilities, strengthen its relationships with state and local governments, and secure the nation’s food supply for the future.

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The review officially started on September 8th and is scheduled to culminate in a report to Califf 60 business days later on December 6th.

The foundation has also announced a public meeting of its food-focused independent panel scheduled for September 29-30.

“The panel of experts wants to hear directly from stakeholders,” said Jane E. Henney, MD, and Chair of the Independent Food Panel. “We want to hear first-hand observations on the program’s strengths and challenges, as well as ideas on how we can best prepare for the regulatory landscape of the future.”

The portal allows stakeholders to share their insights into what is working in FDA’s food program, what challenges it faces, and make suggestions to improve program operations.

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Comments received through the stakeholder portal are shared with the independent panel of experts tasked with preparing recommendations for FDA.

You can find the stakeholder portal here.

public meeting
The Reagan-Udall Foundation will facilitate a public meeting of the Independent Food Expert Panel. Invited stakeholders will provide feedback on critical issues such as nutrition initiatives, food safety, intra-federal relationships, federal-state relationships, resources, and how FDA is positioned for the future. Limited seating is available for stakeholders interested in attending the in-person meeting in Washington, DC. There will also be an audio stream.

Those interested can register here.

About the foundation: According to its website, the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the Food and Drug Administration is an independent 501(c)(3) organization established by Congress “to advance the FDA’s mission to advance medicine, veterinary medicine, food, food ingredients, and… to modernize cosmetic product development, accelerate innovation and improve product safety.”

The Foundation embodies FDA’s vision of collaborative innovation to address the regulatory challenges of 21st century science and to help create the new, applied science, tools, standards and approaches FDA needs to make products more effective, more predictable and more efficiently, enhancing FDA’s ability to protect and promote the health of the American public. The Foundation serves as a critical liaison between FDA and the public and provides the FDA with an opportunity to interact directly with stakeholders, including industry and consumers. The Foundation does not participate in regulatory decisions and does not advise the FDA on policy matters.

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