Reliance Jio Launched JioTrue 5G-Powered WIFI Services In India. Reliance Jio Stated That Soon JioTrue5G Would Spread Around India.

Reliance Jio has launched JioTrue 5G powered WIFI services in India. Reliance Jio said that soon JioTrue5G will spread all over India.

Jio Chairman Akash Ambani said the telecom giant is introducing 5G WiFi services in high-traffic places, including educational institutions, places of worship, train stations, bus stops, shopping malls, etc In Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Varanasi, Reliance has previously launched JioTrue5G service and Jio Welcome Offer.

The telecom company also revealed that it has added JioTrue 5G WiFi to Nathdwara, Rajasthan, and more cities are likely to get the service in the coming months.

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During the welcome offer period, this service (5G WiFi) will be free for Jio customers, but non-Jio consumers can also test it before upgrading to Jio.

Chennai has now been included in the company’s Jio Welcome offer. Customers with invite-only access will be able to use the 5G service during beta testing and will have unlimited access to 5G data at speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second under the terms of the offer.

“5G cannot continue to be a service available only to wealthy individuals or residents of our largest cities. Every person, household and establishment in India should have access to it. This is a step towards bringing JioTrue5G to every Indian. We are currently powering the first True5G enabled WiFi service in Lord Srinathji Temple and Holy City of Nathdwara. This will enable us to power many more such sites and give them an opportunity to test our offerings. Chennai is our newest city to receive the Jio True5G welcome offer, which we also warmly welcome,” Ambani said in a statement.

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“We are currently powering the first True5G enabled Wi-Fi service to Lord Srinath Ji Temple and the Holy City of Nathdwara. This will allow us to feed many other sites of this type and give them the opportunity to test our offers. Chennai is our newest city to receive the Jio True5G welcome offer, which we also warmly welcome,” Akash M. Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Jio, said in a statement.

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Akash Ambani, 30, has been named chairman of RIL, and this is widely considered to be his first major statement as CEO of Jio. His promotion was announced along with the resignation of Mukesh Ambani as Jio’s manager.

Jio’s action could also be a test drive for a potential revenue stream for the telecom operator.

After Jio’s 5G services went live earlier this month, WiFi was introduced. In the same cities that receive 5G-based WiFi service, the phone company launched 5G on Dussehra

According to the telecom operator, the rollout would be complete by December 2023. It would be wise to note that Jio is building a standalone (SA) 5G network as opposed to the NSA (non-standalone) 5G networks that Airtel and Vodafone Idea are rolling out. . 5G SA offers faster data speeds and more capacity, while 5G NSA is faster to roll out and deploy.

According to reports, Jio is in talks with international investors to raise $1.5 billion to increase capital expenditure for its 5G rollout.

According to the number of users, Jio, the largest telecom operator in the country, added more than 32.8 Lakh users in August 2022. According to TRAI data, the telecom operator accounts for 36.48% of the overall customer base wireless. Jio’s user base decreased slightly from 429.5 million to 427.6 million as of September 30, 2022, compared to the previous year.

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Due to the lack of necessary software support, which is required to use 5G SA services, Jio True 5G, which is a standalone network (which does not rely on existing 4G infrastructure), is still inaccessible to many smartphone users. 5G.

Over the next few months, major phone makers like Apple, Samsung and Google are expected to deliver 5G-ready OTA (over-the-air) upgrades, but challenger brand Nothing has already done so for the Nothing Phone. 1, making it the first phone in India to enable Jio True 5G.

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What is 5G WiFi service and how does it work?

Consider 5G Wi-Fi if you want high-speed internet access in a location that doesn’t already have it or fiber-like speeds without the cost.

Similar to how Wi-Fi is currently delivered to your home through an existing wireless service, such as satellite or cable, or a direct wired connection, such as cable or fiber, 5G can deliver internet to your home via a direct wireless connection.

Wi-Fi that works from a 5G tower is called 5G Wi-Fi. A base station that connects wirelessly to an end user’s location, specifically to a fixed wireless terminal on site, such as your home or office, is one way to achieve this. Another is to use fixed wireless access.

Why should you get 5G WiFi service?

It meets the extremely low latency requirement that 5G networks must meet. This means that everything you currently do online, such as downloading files, exchanging data, downloading videos, playing online games, streaming movies, etc., is much faster with 5G Wi-Fi.

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All of your devices can connect to the Internet without experiencing network congestion, video buffering, sporadic disconnections, or other bandwidth-related issues, allowing you to use even more power-hungry devices. bandwidth at home, such as virtual reality headsets, augmented reality apps, etc.

In places without sufficient internet infrastructure or no internet access at all, 5G can provide reliable internet service. Locations without a wired connection, such as rural areas, construction sites, and developing countries, gain the most.

Its lower price is another advantage. The hardware between the provider and the home or business accounts for a large portion of the costs associated with network infrastructure, especially high-speed technology like fiber. This requires a ton of cabling and other gear for traditional wired networks, most of which is eliminated in a 5G Wi-Fi system.

How is 5G better than 4G network?

Some of the radio spectrum that 4G networks don’t use, especially high-frequency bands, is used by some service providers to build 5G networks. To deliver all of the above, it makes room for more network traffic, which results in faster speeds and higher capacity networks.

In addition, 5G offers better concentration than 4G. This means that, for home wireless Internet service, the radio waves deliver a focused beam that can selectively target particular users for ultra-fast speeds on demand.


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