Regenerative Medicine Clinic Opens in Billings

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QC Kinetix opens new clinic to offer surgical options

January 23, 2023 // // Billings, Mont. – QC Kinetix is ​​opening in Billings and offers one of the most advanced regenerative medicine protocols in southern Montana.

Brad Staples, Brian Searle, Michael Matthews and Trevor Langston are the owners of the new clinic at King Avenue and South 24th Street. The clinic is now accepting patients. This is the second clinic the men are opening together; The first was in Idaho Falls.

Four people bring different backgrounds to the clinic. Staples is in sales and marketing, while Matthews and Langston are in finance. Meanwhile, Searle has benefited from using regenerative medicine to resolve aches and pains and regain a better quality of life. She is now excited to share the life-changing treatments with others

“We’re thrilled to bring the option to practice restorative medicine, something that’s been around in big cities for some time, to the Billings community,” Searle said. “While I already have my own positive stories to share about these treatments, we are also already seeing patients who have visited our Idaho Falls clinic come out of pain as a whole new person after treatment.”

Montana is no stranger to the negative effects of opioid use. The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services found opioids to be the leading cause of overdose deaths in 2020. The same study found 89 prescriptions for opiates for every 100 residents in Montana. So, the owners are excited to educate the community about painkillers and alternatives to surgery

“We understand that the people of Billings are hard-working industrial workers and farmers,” Staples said. “These groups of people cannot afford to take time off work for surgery, nor should they. With our help, they can return to work pain-free with little or no downtime.”

QC Kinetix uses all-natural biologic protocols that make the most of what the body naturally produces to aid patient recovery and return them to the quality of life they deserve. It is an alternative to surgery, NSAIDs and pain medications that mask the pain but do not repair the problem. For patients seeking pain relief from musculoskeletal injuries, chronic joint pain, or hip, knee, back, or shoulder pain, regenerative procedures are the next frontier in treatment.

Former Dallas Cowboys great and NFL MVP Emmitt Smith is the official spokesperson for QC Kinetics. He knows the need for innovative chronic pain treatments that help people return to their active lifestyles. Only elite athletes like Smith had access to regenerative medicine treatments, but rapid growth and innovation in the field made the treatments accessible to everyone.

“Many Billings residents will benefit from these treatments. Not only community workers, but also retirees, athletes, or those who want to enjoy an active lifestyle can enjoy these treatments without lengthy surgical recovery,” says Staples.

Regenerative medicine can be used to address a wide variety of health conditions. Staples, Searle, Matthews, and Langston are excited to begin providing hair restoration treatment options for men and women in the near future.

“Staples, Searle, Matthews and Langston are ideal QC Kinetics franchisees,” said Hoots. “Their backgrounds in business, sales and marketing, combined with their love of regenerative medicine, make them perfect candidates for us.”

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