QC Kinetix (Mt Pleasant) Offers Natural Sports Medicine Treatments as an Alternative to Surgery, and Prescription Medication

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC – (NewMediaWire) – October 11, 2022 – via QC Kinetix – QC Kinetix (Mt Pleasant) offers alternative treatments to hip surgery, knee repairs and knee replacement surgeries.

Many sports injuries and pain can be treated through traditional medicine. However, some severe cases lead to recommendations for surgery and require potentially addictive painkillers. Many patients are dissatisfied with these options because of the high risks and slow recovery involved. The good news for such patient groups is that research has led to the discovery of innovative solutions that treat persistent pain and injury naturally. A key example is the use of regenerative medicine.

QC Kinetix (Mt Pleasant) treats minor and acute sports injuries naturally with regenerative medicine. The clinic does not recommend surgery to its patients or prescribe drugs that can lead to addiction. Instead, they combine traditional treatments for sports injuries, recovery and tension with regenerative medicine. This helps them get the best possible results in less time. The clinic offers an alternative to hip surgery, knee reconstruction and knee replacement surgery.

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This back specialist treats sports injuries that have persisted despite patients attempting to treat them with rest, ice, compression, and elevation. The clinic uses different types of therapies to speed up the body’s ability to repair and heal damaged tissues. This repair results in pain relief, reduced inflammation, and gradual elimination of symptoms such as swelling, stiffness, redness, warmth, bone-to-bone crunching, and more. The therapies go further to strengthen the injured body parts to avoid re-injury and offer the benefit of long lasting results.

QC Kinetix (Mt Pleasant) ensures patients are informed about regenerative medicine and how the experts believe it will improve the patient’s condition. On first visits, they offer a free consultation and take the time to answer any questions patients might have about their treatment. At this point, they analyze the patient’s medical history to determine if their therapies are a good fit. In some cases, the patient may need to undergo additional tests to help them diagnose their condition more accurately.

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Once a diagnosis is made, the clinic develops individual treatment plans for each patient. The therapies are selected by one of their doctors and are the most useful based on the patient’s pre-established diagnosis. The clinic offers a personalized concierge service for logistical support to patients treated at its facility. They treat a variety of sports injuries including joint and musculoskeletal pain from a dislodged joint or muscle, rotator cuff tears, torn meniscus, golfer’s elbow pain and more. The therapies improve function and quality of life.

QC Kinetix (Mt Pleasant) has developed a comprehensive treatment regimen that allows its patients to resume their daily activities, sporting hobbies and sporting careers within a very short period of time. Your recovery has little downtime once the healing process begins. Doctors offer follow-up services that monitor results to ensure therapies are working as expected. It also provides room for quick adjustments to the treatment plan as the condition improves.

The sports clinic has a team of medical specialists. One of their main areas of focus is to meet the needs of patients and provide them with a way out of invasive procedures. They value patient management and encourage feedback while incorporating patient values ​​into their personalized treatment plans.

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“QC Kinetix offers a wide range of services that we tailor to the needs of each patient. We treat pain from a variety of conditions, both sports-related and non-sports-related. We also offer natural treatments for hair loss problems or their severity, our team has the tools and knowledge to provide the best possible solution.” said the clinic representative.

QC Kinetix (Mt. Pleasant) is located at 180 Wingo Way Suite 201, Mount Pleasant, SC, 29464, USA. For advice and booking, contact staff at (843) 303-9825. Visit the clinic’s website for more information on their natural sports medicine treatments, including Mt Pleasant’s Back Pain Treatment.

Media contact:

Name of the company: QC Kinetix (Mt Pleasant)

Interlocutor: Marc Difronzo

Phone: (843) 303-9825

Address: 180 Wingo Way-Suite 201

City: Mount Pleasant

Federal State: SC

Postal code: 29464

Country: United States of America

Website: https://qckinetix.com/charleston/mt-pleasant-sc/


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