Proton Saga Knight Coupe Concept by Bear Design – a modernised two-door rendition, plus race car livery

The original Proton Saga is a milestone in the Malaysian automotive landscape and the Saga Knight holds a special place in the minds of Malaysians, particularly those who grew up in the 1990’s.

Modern digital renditions of the early national car have surfaced courtesy of former Proton designer and current head of industrial design at MIMOS Saharudin Busri, and here comes another take on the subject, this time from design lecturer Khairul Anwar Tumingan, the artist behind Bear Design as on shown on Beruang Laut’s Facebook page.

Here Khairul has presented the Proton Saga Knight Coupe Concept in two forms; one in black, orange and red reminiscent of the original and another in a race car livery inspired by racers of a specific vintage.

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As the name suggests, the shortened car design brings a two-door body and more visual power thanks to flared, angular wheel arches with deep, aggressive vents behind the front wheels. Straight lines all around the car define the overall look of the Saga Knight Coupé Concept, where the narrow front grille is reminiscent of the Saga original and the headlights reflect the theme with their own lines.

Thick C-pillars support the rear windshield, which carries the classic venetian blind seen on the Street Saga of the era, ending in a rear spoiler lip on the decklid. Viewed in profile, the Saga Knight coupe concept sports dished wheels that appear to have a two-tone machined finish.

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Taillights continue the straight-line theme, incorporating a full-width stripe, while the rear bumper diffuser incorporates a dual-tier central exhaust outlet.

Meanwhile, its interior is taken in a more modern direction compared to the retro exterior of the car. A fully digital instrument panel greets the driver, as does a two-spoke steering wheel reminiscent of that of the original Saga with its spokes at eight and four o’clock. This is also joined by what appear to be column-mounted paddle shifters.

The modernized saga theme continues as the instrument panel actually has a trapezoidal shape like the original car, as does the louvered arrangement of the air conditioning vents that span the width of the dashboard.

Modern appointments include the widescreen infotainment unit, which appears to be running a smartphone-like operating system, while the digital climate control controls sit underneath. Further down, an electric parking brake joins the selector lever of the automatic transmission. This rendering also appears to have been created with lively driving in mind; the front seats look sporty and significantly padded.

Also of note is the race car version of the Saga Knight Coupé Concept, which will be shown in the Castrol colors of white, red and green. Which of these two color schemes do you prefer?

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