Pelosi Says ‘Kitchen Table’ Issues Should Be Focus of Democrats

(Bloomberg) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has advised Democratic candidates to focus on “kitchen table” issues and reducing inflation as her party moves into the final two weeks before the Nov.

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“The next election will be decided at the kitchen table as families across the United States determine who they trust to fight for them in this challenging time,” Pelosi said in a letter addressed Saturday to fellow lawmakers. “We must communicate a clear and compelling message about why families are facing higher prices.”

Pelosi said House Democrats should tell voters what they have already done to ease the burden of inflation and what they will do if they return to power in the next Congress. The opposition party has a historic lead in the midterm elections and a recent Gallup poll suggests that Republicans lead Democrats by 11 percentage points on which political party voters trust most to address pressing economic concerns.

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Pelosi, who is serving her second term as a speaker, said Republicans had “mismanaged” the Covid-19 response, “stealing jobs, closing small businesses, strangling supply chains” and that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine exacerbated a “global scourge”. of inflation”.

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“Greedy corporations and special interests have sought to take advantage of the crisis: robbing households by driving prices to obscene levels,” she said.

In contrast, Pelosi said her party passed legislation that would lower the cost of living for Americans, including the Inflation Reduction Act, the American Rescue Plan, an infrastructure bill and the CHIPS and Science Act.

Virginia Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat, told Bloomberg News in an interview this week that the American Rescue Plan, which was enacted early in the Biden administration, was too big, though he played down its effect on inflation. Lawrence Summers, former Treasury Secretary, criticized the size of this plan and warned against blaming inflation on “corporate greed”.

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US inflation indicators rose this year at the fastest rate in 40 years, affecting everything from gasoline prices to restaurant sales and prompting the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates to the highest level since 2007.

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