Oklahoma economy added nearly 50,000 jobs, as wages rose by 6%

Oklahoma's economy has added nearly 50,000 jobs by 2022, according to new federal employment numbers.

Oklahoma businesses and governments have added more than 47,000 workers by 2022, but the unemployment rate rose last year as more people sought work.

The latest state unemployment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics were released on Tuesday.

Earlier this month, the bureau released statistics on job openings for each state in November, showing that there are still more openings in Oklahoma than there are job seekers.

Here’s what you need to know:

Many workers in Oklahoma

The government ended 2022 with 1,702,600 workers in non-farm payrolls, adjusted periodically. That’s up from 1,655,200 in December 2021. The increase was 2.9% per year. Total non-farm payrolls in December 2020 were 1.625 million; in December 2019 it was 1.705 million.

Government employment grew by about 5,000 workers year-on-year, with about 350,000 people employed in that sector – the largest in the country – at the end of the year. The Leisure and Hospitality sector added 10,000 jobs over the year, Education and Health Services added 7,000; Trade, Transport and Utilities – the largest private sector, with 327,000 employees – added nearly 10,000 jobs; Finance jobs added about 3,000 jobs; Professional and Business Services added less than 1,000; Construction added over 3,000; Production added 5,000; and Mining and logging added about 3,400.

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