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The Amor en Axion plan for treating the victims of the economic war and the social program “Heart and Life in Defense of Joy”, promoted by the municipality of Tomas Lander under the 1X10 Good Government Method, provided social care to more than three thousand people . Residents of the parishes of San Basilio and Araguita in Okumare del Tuy, Miranda State.

Mayor Dayana Baez reported that staff from the Social Affairs Secretariat and its various directorates participated in home visits to meet the needs of 2,006 families in Point and County with the Mission and Grand Mission system. Sosa Derbez» in the San Basilio sector.

“The National Executive Branch is developing plans for dealing with families who are victims of economic warfare and the use of illegal blockades against the country by the United States and its allies (…). That’s why we’re participating in Tomas Lander. We are pursuing a multidisciplinary approach to take further guarantees of people’s well-being,” he said.

Social Welfare in San Basilio

There was comprehensive medical care in San Basilio, 120 elderly adults received the application of vitamin C and dietary supplements for the prevention of COVID-19 and the delivery of 350 analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics, among others; Baez not only donated over 200 lunches, but also described it.

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He said the National Institute of Nutrition (INN) took anthropometric measurements and recruited people with nutritional deficiencies.

Meanwhile, the Disability Care Unit has provided 25 medicines for neurological patients.

While the Mission Directorate and the Great Missions of Chávez recruited adults, boys and girls not enrolled in school, with the aim of integrating them into the educational mission.

«At the same time, country maps were scanned for various bonuses and social benefits. In addition, drugs to treat more than 20 diseases were sold at reasonable prices, and 200 kg of protein was sent,” the mayor reported.

He gave guidance

Baez explained that registry office staff provided advice on procedures and requirements for obtaining birth certificates and life certificates; In parallel, the Municipal Women’s Institute (IMUZER) team has partnered with the Humanized Childbirth Mission to provide legal advice to women facing gender-based violence, divorce requirements and supplemental titles.

The National Anti-Drugs Inspectorate (SUNAD) team also spoke about their actions and ongoing campaigns to prevent drug use; Use of illegal drugs, depression and suicide.

Boys and girls enjoy fun activities, traditional games, face painting and inflatable mattresses. Adults enjoyed the days of pedicures, hairdressing and barbershops.

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Araguita’s mom on the door-to-door mission

Social attention was also given to the Araguita I urbanization in Okumare del Tuy, in response to residents who solicited through the VenApp social network within 1 × 10 of a good government.

In the local community, a team from the Social Security Directorate, attached to the Social Affairs Secretariat, social protection officers and community leaders have been deployed door-to-door to support the cases of people in vulnerable situations.

“Our goal is to meet and solve the needs of our residents. This outreach channeled the delivery of medicines, the donation of a 4-point cane, and pediatric surgery, among other health concerns,” Mayor Dayana Baez said.

He mentioned that the City Nutrition Coordination (INN) team conducted a characterization day in Araguita I, in which 146 people were examined with anthropometric measurements. “The peer-evaluated neighbors were 81 children, 41 adults, and 26 grandparents,” Baez specified.

Staff from the Elderly Department of the Tomas Lander City Council Social Affairs Secretary conducted a vaccination day at the headquarters of the Committee for the Club de los Abuelos to Remember to Live in Araguita. Second urbanization in Ocumare del Tuy. “Preference was given to the 200 grandparents who received their vitamin C vials,” he said.

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concrete action agenda

Mayor Dayana Baez acknowledged that drinking water, education, health and basic services are priorities that the city government has set and is working on.

He urged community leaders to organize and plan a specific agenda for a solution map and a 1×10 good government action, moving projects forward and providing feedback to residents on issues affecting them.

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Teresa’s 750 families are cared for socially

Independencia Municipality Mayor Rainer Pulido said about 750 families living on 20th Street in the Flor y Fauna Municipality of El Cartanal Municipality are in favor of selling the protein combination at affordable prices.

He specified that 3.9 tons of chickens were sold on the Community market, which in turn guarantees people a balanced diet.

He recalled that the community market is an initiative of the Supply Corporation of the Bolivarian state of Miranda, together with the Ministry of Food, the city government, the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP) and organized people’s power.

“The goal is to provide families with quality food at a low cost and to reach every region and community of Santa Teresa and Cartanal Parish,” said Pulido Fuentes.