No More Sneaky Fees on Airbnb? Users Can Now Sort by Total Price

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Airbnb’s new pricing feature will let travelers see total home rental prices faster.

Key points

  • Some travelers prefer to rent houses instead of hotels because they want a more comfortable and spacious place to stay while traveling.
  • Airbnb is rolling out a new Total Price Search feature that will bring more transparency to travelers who want to see the total rental price, including fees, without digging into each property’s booking details.

Travel costs can add up quickly. When planning trips, many people compare the price of house rentals and hotels to find the cheapest place to stay. Airbnb recently announced a new search feature that will make it easier for travelers to compare rental prices. Here’s how to sort Airbnb rentals by full price so you can stay on budget during your next vacation.

Say goodbye to surprise fees

If you prefer more space and privacy when you travel, you might consider renting an apartment or house instead of a hotel room. In some cases, vacation rentals can be cheaper than hotels. But it’s important to research prices before booking to make sure the home rental you book fits your vacation budget. Otherwise, you may feel stressed about money during your trip.

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Until recently, it wasn’t easy to budget your total costs on Airbnb just by doing a quick search. Although the search tool showed rental prices, additional fees such as cleaning and service fees were not taken into account and were not displayed until users clicked on the property details. In many cases, renting a house was much more expensive than it seemed.

Airbnb wants to make it easy for travelers to compare rental properties so they don’t overspend. The brand announced that from December 2022 it would start rolling out a new full price display feature to make it easier to compare prices between properties.

This feature will be available in countries without price display requirements. Total prices will include all fees before taxes and will appear in the search results on the map, filter and listing page. With this new feature, search rankings will also prioritize total price.

How to turn on full price on Airbnb

You will need to enable this new feature to see the full price on Airbnb. At the top of the website, Airbnb has a notice that says “Show total prices in advance,” with a link to more information. You will see more details if you click on “More information”. By clicking “Try it now” you can enable this feature. If you are not interested at this time, you can click “Maybe Later”.

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It’s easy to activate the total price view. Since this feature is rolling out to users over time, you may not see the option right away. As before, Airbnb users will continue to be shown a full breakdown of the cost of each rental, including fees, by clicking on each property’s page. The total price can be reviewed and confirmed before finalizing the payment.

This new feature could help you save money on travel expenses

Before you book your next vacation rental, be sure to turn this feature on so you can quickly find the best rental for your needs. It will be faster and easier for users to find properties that meet their search criteria and their budget.

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Most travelers will probably find it easier to find affordable places to stay with this update. It’s a win-win situation as it can save you money and time. You should always consider your personal financial situation when planning a trip.

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