Nevada Democrats want western state to be first primary stop

RENO, Nev. (AP) — Democratic members of Congress in Nevada urged the Democratic National Committee on Friday to make the western swing state the first stop of the primary season, pointing to strong midterm showings as evidence why it should be in the top spot.

It’s the latest in a growing debate over who should gain the invaluable political clout of being first in the nation as Iowa’s half-century run stands on shaky ground. For months, the state’s delegates have fended off criticism that it doesn’t have a diverse enough electorate and that it’s impossible to predict which candidate will win the primary.

Members of Nevada’s Congress said the outcome of the midterm elections — including the re-election of Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto after many viewed her as the incumbent’s most vulnerable incumbent — “solidified the case for us to hold the first presidential primary.”

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“Nevada is a working-class state with one of the most diverse populations in the country and a commitment to voting rights that is a model for the nation,” they said.


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