Native Pet Unveils New Branding and Commitments to the Pet Nutrition Industry

Strategic Rebranding Designed to Meet the Needs of Today’s Pet Parents

ST. LOUIS, January 252023 /PRNewswire/ — Domestic PetAn innovative pet supplement company has announced its exciting new brand, aligned with its commitment to providing pets with the most effective and tastiest nutritional supplements. The strategic and visual rebrand was led by Uncommon, the in-house creative agency of Native Pet’s investment partner. ÇAVU Consumer Partners.

“Additional space as a whole is commodified, crowded, and confusing – and it’s still one of the fastest growing categories in Pet. Consumers are hungry for a brand that cuts that noise and offers a fundamentally different experience. That’s Native Pet, that brand, and that’s this rebranding. tells the story” I said Dan SchaeferCEO and co-founder of Native Pet. “Differencing is more than just storytelling. We do things differently. Product. Packaging. Content. Distribution. This rebranding is the culmination of years of doing things the hard way and keeping the customer at the center of this journey.”

Native Pet is making a meaningful impact on the health and well-being of pets through effective formulas and formats, clean ingredients and truly great taste. Their unwavering dedication to pets, pet parents and the pet industry shines through at Native Pet Pact, which epitomizes the brand’s uncompromising standards for creating the highest quality products for pets. Native Pet Pact includes a commitment to challenge standardized sourcing and manufacturing practices by redefining processes and developing its own proprietary products. Native Pet raises the industry standard for clean and effective products for our dogs by formulating everything 100% in-house. Science-backed innovation processes involve working with one of only 40 Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists in Turkey. United States to formulate with the right ingredients, in effective dosages. They got to work, always did what was best for our pets – never just did what was easy.

Most of today’s pet supplements are limited to the soft-chew format, many made by the same two manufacturers. That’s why, from day one, Native Pet promised that their supplements would contain zero additives and no more than 5 inactive ingredients per product (industry average 20+). Native Pet is committed to always having the cleanest label in the pet supplement aisle with ingredients that consumers recognize while setting the highest possible standard: wild-caught salmon, grass-fed beef, and organic chicken. Formulated with real, human-grade, whole-food ingredients, Native Pet’s products taste the best against their competitors.

Last year, the brand entered into a strategic partnership with CAVU Consumer Partners to make Native Pet a household name among pet parents. The rebranding is a testament to the mass shift in the consumer mindset on how to support the health and wellness of dogs.

With GenZennials representing the largest share of new pet owners, with 70% of U.S. households currently owning at least one pet, Native Pet’s innovative approach to highly effective, clean-label nutrition will redefine the pet wellness space. we believe.” I said Jared JacobsDirector at CAVU Consumer Partners. “Today’s pet parents are increasingly looking beyond the bowl to support the health and well-being of their pets. With this new rebrand, Native Pet is poised to become a household name as it reimagines the future of pet nutrition.”

Native Pet can be purchased from Amazon, Chewy, Thrive Market, select Target stores and websites: For more information, visit or follow @nativepet instagram and TikTok. Statistics are from the 2021-22 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA).

About Domestic Pet
Domestic Pet is dedicated to developing proprietary formulas and formats that deliver only the best, most innovative nutrition to directly benefit the health of pets. In an industry that never prioritizes the health of our pets, Native Pet redefines the bar and stays true to its motto “we are the voice of our pets and it’s our duty to provide the best lives for our fur babies”. The love language is the dog, and the dog is our mother tongue.”

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