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MT. VERNON CITY COUNCIL Council Minutes September 12, 2022 The regular meeting of the Mt. Vernon City Council was called at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Weston Frank with the following council members present: D. Anderson, D. Renken, C. Powell, S. Kayser, R. DeKok, and D. Moke. Also included: maintenance. Officer G. Deinet, Fin. Officer L. Mayclin, Ryan Stahl and Sheriff Steve Harr. An oath of allegiance was recited at the beginning of the meeting. All motions are accepted unanimously unless otherwise noted. Kayser, second Moke, proposes to approve the agenda. Stahl was present to observe. Harr was there to take care of all business related to the Sheriff’s Department. Renken’s motion, second to Powell, to approve consent items for August. The following have been approved: Financial Report, Council Minutes, General Fund Balance Sheets, Credit Report/Account Statement and Bill Payments. OLD BUSINESS 1. Frank researches/purchases a thermostat for The Hall that can be controlled remotely so we can be sure the thermostat doesn’t stay too high or too low. He also receives an inventory of the keys to the building. The fire department will break ground on their new construction site on Main Street next Monday at 6:30 p.m. 2. We’ve been having problems with dogs all over town lately. The sheriff’s department has received multiple reports. Frank will create a Facebook post for owners about proper dog care. We also had noise complaints. The Sheriff continues to work with residents on these complaints. Frank will work on fines for violations of regulations to make them easier to enforce. The Council had a general discussion on enforcing the Code and considering various options. One option might be to share the Mitchell Code Enforcement Officer for a certain number of hours per month. This may give our city more time than our current code enforcement can provide. 3. Motion from Moke, 2nd from DeKok on 2nd reading and passage of Budget Regulations 2023. 4. We have currently received two applications for the Maintenance Manager position. Mayclin has received several other calls for information about the position. Powell will work with the committee to schedule interviews. 5. Motion by Powell, second by Kayser, to amend the retail (for sale) spirits license to conform with State Law 35-4-2. 6. The Council asks the railroad to do a light repair on Main Street as they did on Earl. NEW BUSINESS 1. G. Deinet reported that he will be attending a conference in Sioux Falls through Friday of this week. 2. Mayclin reported that ARPA funds have reached the state and should be in our account soon. She also mentioned that the town sign hasn’t responded to programming for quite some time and the lights in the permanently red portion of the sign also need an LED update. Anderson, Deinet and Mayclin will meet up next week to look at the sign to see if they can get it working again. Mayclin also mentioned that Eric Ambroson will attend the October meeting with District III to discuss the overall plan. 3. Anderson mentioned a way to fund flood map mitigation. The information is due December 1st and he’s trying to gather whatever it takes to get it done. The FEMA Community Flood Meeting will be held September 21 at 7 p.m. at the Tom Young Community Center Gym. City officials and City Council will hold a short meeting in The Hall from 5-6pm. 4. Citywide Fall Cleanup will be held on October 1st, 2022 from October 8th to 12th. 5. Becky Klooz is acquiring 4 lots at the Lutheran Church where she plans to bring a 2016 mobile home while her house is being built. She will set up the mobile home according to our regulations. 6. Kayser gave an update on the parks department. Mayclin is to hand over the Hohbach bill to Darcy Gernet and Becky Klooz for reimbursement. We are currently awaiting the completion of the shelters, which is due to take place in the autumn. G. Deinet is to remove the recently erected stone cover and re-vegetate this area to stop traffic in this area. 7. HR and Legal Executive Session SDCL 1-25-2.1 and 2.3. was not necessary. Motion by DeKok, second from Powell, to adjourn at 8:45 PM Weston Frank Mayor Laura Mayclin Finance Officer GENERAL Weston Frank 170.85 wages David Anderson 60.03 wages Connor Powell 60.03 wages Dave Renken 60.03 wages Sherri Kayser 60.03 Wages Roger DeKok 60.03 Wages Darin Moke 60.03 Wages Ardis Overweg 566.06 Wages Gen Deint 3,300.16 Wages Laura Mayclin 1,341.15 Wages Chris Mayer 132.43 Wages Glen Wosland 185.40 LAGE MV SCHOOL 75.00 RET Davison Rural Water 10.5 .5.5. GARB Forum Communications 98.49 Publin SD State Treasurer (DOR) 244.08 Sales Tax Kortrust 1,616.96 941 Westys 152.66 Fuel Ardis Overweg 338.20 Books Library Shop 170.79 Books SCOTT SUPPLY 35.80 Repairs Runnings 243.51 Maintenance MENSDS 199.96 KOLAUS WARTEM. WATER Gene Deint 230.87 Wages Norden Western Energy 310.20 util CorTrust 38.26 941 SD DOH 15.00 Lab TLK Rentals 368.00 Refund DANR 140.00 Duties WATER DEPOSITIONS Ryan Stahl 34.13 Deposit Refund CITY TAX Northwestern Energy 19, 66 util SEWER Santel 46.05 util Northwestern Energy 107.04 util 3E 410.00 Approximate 10.00 repair cost at time of publication valued at $63.54 and can be viewed free of charge at (September 24, 2022) 103955

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