Mozilla Rolls Out Subscription Tier for Its Hubs Virtual Meeting Space

Mozilla’s first public beta for the Hubs VR meeting place is now open to $20/month subscribers.

Introduced in 2018, the WebVR-based platform supports “every single mixed reality headset” and works with desktop and mobile devices to distribute videos, images and documents in “virtual reality rooms”.

“Rooms have been powerful tools for synchronous meetings and quick collaboration with groups – just create a room, share a link and you’re there,” says Mozilla. For groups requiring more options and customization, the company has added a developer-friendly Hubs Cloud.

The new Hubs subscription service is a merger of the two previous forms: Members now get access to a dedicated Hub that can hold up to 25 people, a customizable homepage, unique avatars and themed packs, and the ability to upload videos, documents and images to rooms.

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Those interested can visit in a new window) sign up for Early Access ($20 per month plus local taxes). Going forward, the company expects to introduce a free tier and other subscription options “tailored to different use cases.”

In the meantime, Hubs Cloud subscribers and customers can expect a “significant” refresh of the admin panel, as well as continued improvements to the developer and artist experience for Hubs.

“Immersive virtual worlds are nothing new. The technology has been around for decades, but only recently have the tools to create these worlds become widely available,” the company says. “Here at Mozilla, we see 3D as a big part of the future of the web, so we’re continuing our mission to bring the best parts of personal interactions online through Hubs.”

Since its unveiling four years ago, Hubs has been hosting virtual events(Opens in a new window)immersive art galleries and educational spaces(Opens in a new window). Last month, conceptual artist Ashley Zelinskie collaborated with Hubs on her New York exhibit of VR artwork.

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