Mobivity and P97 Networks Partner to Offer Gaming and Brand

PHOENIX and HOUSTON, Sept. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mobility Holdings Corp. (OTCQB: MFON), a global provider of personalized rewards solutions that drive customer acquisition, frequency and spend, and P97 Networks, the leading provider of mobile commerce platforms to the fuel, convenience retail and automotive industries worldwide, today announced a strategic partnership to connect well-known game publishers and brands to the P97 network of more than 65,000 gas station and convenience store locations.

Mobivity integrates its cloud-based Connected Rewards into P97’s massive mobile commerce platform, offering instant real-world rewards to gamers and brands. Two pilot programs begin when a regional c-store and a national fuel brand seek to use fuel and product incentives to reward mobile game players in-store and at the pump.

“Mobile game and app publishers are struggling to economically attract and retain users as consumers increasingly seek relief at the pump. Our partnership with P97 creates a strong win-win-win situation where app publishers are now equipped with a strong incentive to reward users, while fuel operators gain access to one of the hottest digital audiences where six out of ten Americans play mobile games to play. ‘ said Dennis Becker, CEO of Mobility. “Equally important, consumers now have a new way to gain meaningful value through discounted fuel at almost any service station in the market.”

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The partnership between Mobivity and P97 will help game publishers incentivize consumers of gas stations and c-stores with:

  • In-game rewards where players can instantly get discounts on fuel and products at thousands of convenience and fuel brands;
  • Promotions for restaurant and convenience brands to drive adoption of games and apps and reward consumers with instant fuel savings delivered straight to their phones; and
  • Fully customizable digital fuel rewards that provide the flexibility to discount fuel at an amount per gallon or dollar directly from any game or brand’s smartphone app.
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“P97’s massive reach and scale across the fuel industry, coupled with Mobivity’s Connected Rewards spanning millions of gamers, major restaurants, convenience stores and fuel brands, create a unique and powerful resource for any game or app publisher that wants to attract and retain users,” said Don Frieden, CEO of P97. “We believe this partnership represents a unique and highly differentiated solution with tremendous benefits for the fuel industry and beyond.”

Mobivity’s Connected Rewards Cloud customers can now instantly integrate fully customized fuel rewards into their smartphone application for redemption at more than 65,000 forecourt locations from multiple major fuel brands around the world. Consumers may receive these rewards as part of gaming, downloading and playing games and apps, or by performing desired behaviors on smartphone apps, such as loyalty promotions, purchases, or game achievements.

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Mobivity’s cloud-based Connected Rewards™ technology offers billions of offers and promotions and builds large, owned audiences for some of the biggest brands in the world. Through its partnerships with leading game publishers, digital operators and advertising networks, Mobivity connects a vast universe of consumers with its broad network of brands. As a result, digital consumers are loading and playing more games and earning real-world rewards that are redeemed in-store, driving acquisition, frequency and retention for brands and game publishers. For more information on mobility, call (877) 282-7660 or call (877) 282-7660.

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P97 Networks provides a global, cloud-based mobility services platform that enables connected commerce, digital marketing and consumer engagement for convenience retailers, utilities, energy companies and auto OEMs to align strategies so they can attract, retain and retain customers through securely connecting millions of consumers and connected cars using P97 identity, geolocation-based services, secure payments and loyalty aggregation platforms to create new and unique mobile consumer experiences. Visit for more information