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Freshwater Education District Minutes No. 6004 Board Mtg. 8/24/22 Wadena, MN at 5:00 p.m. called for appointment by Chairman Thalmann. Board Present: R. Thalmann-Henning; K. Howard-Menahga; B. Lund-Staples-Motley; C. Funk-Sebeka; C. Wolf-Long Prairie-Grey Eagle; B. Tumberg-Wadena-Hirschbach; S. Verona-Verndale; J. Hillmer-Browerville; R. VanDenheuvel-Bertha-Hewitt. Support: D. Fjeldheim-Sebeka & L. Westrum-Wadena – Deer Creek. Fed: support. weaver; SPED Director L. Murdock; J Anderson; S.Thiel. Agenda – AT THE REQUEST OF VanDenhuevel & 2nd OF Lund to approve the agenda as amended. VOTE-U/C Presentation – Early Childhood Family Ed provided a staff-produced video with information on “What is ECFE”. Old Matter – AT REQUEST OF Tumberg & 2nd OF Hillmer to approve the 8/22/22 Minutes as submitted. VOTE-U/C AT REQUEST BY Tumberg & 2nd BY Hillmer to confirm receipt and review of 8/17/22 supt. Consultation protocol as presented. VOTE – U/C Business and Finance – AT THE REQUEST OF Veronen & 2nd OF Thalmann to approve the June and July 2022 mileage applications as submitted. VOTE – U/C AT Funk & 2nd BY Howard’s request to approve the 8/24/2022 coupon claims as presented. VOTE – U/C The following resolution is hereby moved by Funk & 2nd by Wolf: Passed, Board of FED #6004 approves establishment and maintenance of the Green Island School Forest and Outdoor Classroom covering approximately 33 acres in NE 1⁄ 4 include SW 14 of Section 5, Township 134, Range 35 and supports inclusion of this school forest in the MN DNR School Forest Program for educational purposes. Freshwater School Forest described as: the NE 1⁄4 SW 1⁄4 excluding the front of Highway 71, described as beginning at the northwest corner at the intersection of Highway 71 and Scheer Drive NE, then going 300 feet east along the property line , then south 45° East to origin; and excluding an area northeast of the parcel described as beginning at the northeast corner of northeast 1⁄4 SW 1⁄4, then south 400 feet, then west 480 feet, then north 400 feet, then Runs 480 feet east to the point of beginning. The vote to adopt this resolution was as follows; ABSTAINING: None YES: Thalmann, Wolf, Howard, Tumberg, Lund, Veronen, Funk, Hillmer and VanDenheuvel NO: None ABSENT: None. As a result, these resolutions were declared duly adopted. New deal – AT THE REQUEST OF Veronen & 2nd BY Tumberg to approve the Interquest Detection Canines & FED agreement for the 22/23 SY as presented. VOTE – U/C AT THE REQUEST OF Howard & 2nd BY Hillmer to Approve the Sourcewell Program and Services Agreement. 22/23 SY as presented. VOTE – U/C AT MOTION BY VanDenheuvel & 2nd BY Tumberg to Approve the Letter of Intent between the FED and the Ed MN Freshwater Para/RVR Drivers Group to Waiver the HITA Bid Process in 2022 by a Cap of at Least 12% of the health insurance carrier Sourcewell. VOTE – U/C UPON Funk & 2nd BY Lund’s motion to approve the Memorandum of Understanding between the FED and the Ed MN Freshwater Teacher-Itinerant Group to waive the HITA bidding process in 2022 in exchange for a rate cap of at least 12% from the health insurance carrier to retain Sourcewell. VOTE – U/C AT MOTION BY VanDenhuevel & 2ND BY Wolf to approve Fed Staff Handbook for 22/23 as submitted. VOTE – U/C AT THE REQUEST OF Thalmann & 2nd OF Hillmer to authorize the transfer of funds as submitted. VOTE – U/C Division Reports – SPED; L. Murdock informed that: Two additional Paras are needed for the beginning of the year; Installation of a wind tunnel at the academies completed; New epoxy flooring in an academy reflection room. Bus. Mgr. report; J. Anderson provided an update on the audit for FY22, which will begin in three weeks, and anticipates spending of $100,000. Ex. Director’s Report; E. Weber provided an update on the following: Admin met with Supervising Supts., D. Fjeldheim & L. Westrum on classroom space for WALC students; AASA certification update is reimbursed by Sourcewell; Welcome to the August Supts. monthly of the three new sups. in LPGE, Menahga & Verndale. ABE: fully occupied at the beginning of SY 22/23. ALC/TS: Programming hours for 21/22 SY were 100 hours less than last year. The ALC Outreach program added Pequot Lakes to this past summer program with Royalton & Crookston asking about that option. Updated new epoxy floor installed in WALC’s middle classroom and new desk and chairs. LPALC launches a new intermediate level program for the 22/23 SY. UPON REQUEST BY Tumberg & 2ND BY Howard to approve the updated joint agreement on school nutrition between SM #2170 and FED SALC for SY 22/23 as submitted. VOTE – U/C. Carl Perkins: AT THE REQUEST OF VanDenheuvel & 2nd BY Hillmer for approval of Career & Tech Ed Coordinator Service Agreement with WDC #2155, effective 7/1/22 – 6/30/23. VOTE – U/C. FEF; Checked balance summary. Tech: Update on the new phone system and installed security cameras. Review of the Wide Area Network Map with the changes from Dark Fiber to Light Fiber. Staff Approval Agenda – AT REQUEST BY Veronen & 2nd BY Wolf to approve the following items: ADMIN: Reassignment of B. Larson, SpEd Para to Year-Round Flex Sub Para; L. Perkins, Academy Instructor for the year-round Short Call Sub. Drop in hrs by N. Hibbs, TCC/FACTS presenter; ECFE/SR: Increase in hours for K. Schalow, SR child educator; V. Holz, SR Para; B. Faust, ECFE/SR child educator; M. Schmidt, ECFE parent educator; E. Hibbs, ECFE/SR Child Educator. decrease in hours, for M. Murch, SR Para; M. Wolhowe, SR child educator; L. Hubbard, SR child educator; L. Wright, ECFE/SR Child Educators. SPED: Recruitment of T. Becker, Life & Social Skills Assist.; R. Rivers, ECSE Inst.; L. Bertram, SLPA; A. Lorentz, SPED Para. decrease in hrs. J. Miller, van driver; D. Baune, ECSE-Para. increase in hours K. Kneisl, SpEd Para; M. Becker, SpEd Para. Increasing Days S. McAllister, Program Specialist. Voluntary reduction in days for L. Baumgart, PI/Assessment/WBL Specialist. Resignation of M. Rasmussen, SpEd Para. VOTE – U/C. Adjournment – ​​AT THE REQUEST OF Howard & 2nd BY Tumberg to adjourn the meeting at 5:52 p.m

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