Mike Lindell Seeks to Fast-Track Review of Cell Phone Case

A photo shows Mike Lindell with his mobile phone.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell waits outside the West Wing of the White House before entering on January 15, 2021. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images.)

A federal judge in Minnesota on Wednesday asked the US Department of Justice to file a quick response Mike Lindells Calling for an “expedited” review of a request for copies of search warrant materials the government used to justify the seizure of Lindell’s cell phone.

According to the court record, Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Cowan Wright asked the DOJ to respond to Lindell’s request for an expedited review by 9 a.m. Wednesday. The response will indicate how quickly the DOJ intends to move the matter forward, but it likely will not directly or immediately resolve the issue of whether or not Lindell will immediately receive copies of the documents in question.

The ordering of a DOJ response is limited to the issue of the speed of the timeline in question. Still, it came after Lindell’s attorneys filed a collection of court filings that together sought access to the documents and in an expedited manner — namely, a copy of the affidavit the FBI used to secure the search warrant.

Specifically, the affidavit should state the probable reason that federal authorities developed to persuade a judge to sign the warrant.

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Meanwhile, FBI agents confiscated Lindell’s phone donald trump Supporter and CEO of MyPillow was in a Hardee fast food drive-thru lane on September 13, 2022 in Mankato, Minnesota. Lindell was returning from a hunting trip with a friend when the government confiscated his phone, which is actually a company device, according to court records. MyPillow is also a plaintiff in the case.

An alleged copy of the search warrant used to confiscate Lindell’s phone has already been filed in court by Lindell’s attorneys. However, the DOJ said during a recent conference call with the US District Judge Eric C. Tostrud that it would not admit that the document Lindell filed was a “true and correct” copy of the actual warrant.

If the document is authentic, it suggests the government is investigating whether Lindell’s phone contains evidence of identity theft, intentional damage to a protected computer, or conspiracy to commit any of these crimes related to efforts to investigate electoral systems that were conducted during used in the 2020 elections.

Tine Peters, Conan James Hayes, Belinda Knisley, Sandra Brown, Sherrona Bishop, Douglas Frank, and Lindell himself are named as “subjects” of the government investigation in Lindell’s alleged copy of the warrant. All of these named individuals have either complained about or denied the outcome of the 2020 election in various forms and in various places. Peters, Knisley and Brown are already involved in campaign cases in Colorado. Bishop is reportedly a US Representative. Lauren Boeberts (R-Colo. 3) former campaign manager. Frank is reportedly an employee of Lindell. Hayes is reportedly a surfer who developed a sportswear line – a business he later sold – and is now claiming the choice that was installed Joe Biden was botched.

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Subjects of government investigations are not necessarily the targets of government investigations. Subjects are people involved in the orbit of an investigation; The DOJ Judiciary Manual describes subjects as persons “whose conduct falls within the bounds of the grand jury’s investigation.” Targets, however, are “presumptive” suspects. The alleged copy of the warrant filed by Lindell’s attorneys does not name specific targets.

Citing case law in the District of Minnesota, attorneys for Lindell said Tuesday they have “a right under the Fourth Amendment warrant clause to inspect and copy the affidavit on which the warrant was issued.”

“The plaintiffs have asked to exercise their right to inspect and copy the affidavit on which the warrant was issued as evidence that the warrant was improperly obtained and executed,” argued Lindell’s attorneys. “The government has rejected this request. Plaintiffs are now asking this court to order the plaintiffs to obtain the documents submitted to obtain the search warrant at issue in this matter.”

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Lindell’s attorneys have complained for weeks that this phone seizure violates Lindell’s various constitutional rights:

Mr. Lindell’s First Amendment right to freedom of association makes it imperative that his confidential communications relating to other citizens not be interfered with by the government, that the ongoing violation of his rights be promptly remedied, and that his exclusive possession of the phone and the information on it are saved can be restored immediately – all of this supports the immediate review of the materials submitted to the court in support of the warrant application.

Accompanying the various Lindell filings are four news reports detailing the government investigation involving Peters (the Colorado County Administrator involved in 2020 election-related proceedings in her home state), Hayes, Knisley, Brown and Bishop are. Lawyers for Lindell have argued that the release of the warrant affidavit will not prejudice what appears to be an ongoing government investigation into these individuals, since the investigation is already public knowledge. In short, Lindell’s attorneys argued that the investigation was not classified; As such, they say releasing more information about them will not pose a problem.

The anecdotal filings from Lindell’s attorneys are below:

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