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In a generation focused on self-love and social bonding, it seems strange that depression and suicide rates aren’t lower.

Suicide is the 12th leading cause of death in the United States, with over 45,900 people committing suicide each year, according to the CDC.

These outrageous statistics show that the US health care system is not sufficiently adapted to combat mental health problems.

With mental illness on the rise and alarming suicide rates in the United States, we need broader access to quality mental health treatments, substance abuse counseling, and trauma therapy.

According to clinical psychologist Arthur C. Evans Jr., people with mental illness may not seek treatment because they don’t have access to good health insurance.

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Mental health care is often considered irrelevant for many forms of insurance, health insurance companies and companies. Mental health therapies and treatments have increased dramatically in price in recent years. It is difficult to find coverage from quality mental health services.

Far too many operating healthcare providers do not accept insurance because the insurance providers do not offer them enough for their services.

If mental health care were more affordable, insurance wouldn’t always be necessary for everyone to have access.

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Insurance companies are most likely to match their clients with the lowest-charged mental health services. This puts many people seeking care in the hands of lower quality providers.

The most sought-after mental health providers are used by people who can afford their out-of-pocket care.

Instead of seeking actual health care, young adults are turning to social media for educational resources. They learn tips and tricks, fashion tips, cooking skills and much more from their phones.

It only makes sense to educate yourself about mental health on these sites as well. Although these websites offer a wealth of mental health information, a mentally ill person should not have to rely solely on this type of care.

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It is crucial to educate these individuals properly. Suicide and depression should neither be glorified on the internet nor ignored and overlooked in society.

These serious cases of mental illness need to be addressed urgently and with adequate support.

Access to therapy can help people cope with their depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. This access must begin with a change in the healthcare system, and a move towards making this type of care affordable to all who need it.

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