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Gut Health: Manipulated or Necessary for Your Best Health: The Hoax Around Digestive Products and Gut Health, Sophie Mace

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The perfect book for both those looking to take the first step on their wellness journey and veterans looking to expand their knowledge base.

The consumer health and nutrition industry is a challenging area. On the one hand, there are many professionals who do real research and are truly invested in the well-being of consumers. On the other hand, there are some professionals who just want to monetize current trends and some who are not. This is the nature of the industry, which is entirely driven by fads.

Recently, diets have been all the rage. Keto, paleo, vegan or otherwise, each diet follows different trends and promises mind-blowing results. Are the proponents of these diets lying? Not necessarily. Is it as effective as promised? Also not required. If nothing else, the industry is uncertain and often one will find that they can benefit from it as much as the research they do. Fortunately, knowledge is readily available for those who are willing to make the effort and for the author and ex. new book by professional athlete Sophie Mace, Gut Health: Manipulated or Necessary for Your Best Health? is an excellent example.

“Gut health” is a social media buzzword these days, with TikTok and Instagram influencers pushing products, juices, and wacky diets to “heal” the gut—i.e. reduce bloating, improve digestion, and function as “heal everything” for many. Common gastrointestinal symptoms and conditions such as IBS and IBD. Bone broth, apple cider vinegar, probiotic cooking mixes, marshmallow root – with so many emerging and unconfirmed natural and artificial remedies circulating on the Internet, it can be very difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.


At the same time, there is a lot of new and exciting research into the role of the gut microbiome in overall physical and mental health, and this book covers it all. Mace lays out everything we need to know in a simple, logical structure, perfect for nutrition beginners and veterans alike.

After briefly explaining the digestive system and what the “gut” actually is in a physiological sense, Mace touches on sugar – both its indomitable influence on our society, its effect on the gut, and how our guts control sugar, at least in part. (and otherwise) request. He then goes on to explain the various effects of poor diet and other lifestyle habits on the intestines and the extremely negative consequences that the body experiences as a result. Did you know that an inflamed gut can cause the body’s defense mechanisms to self-target, increasing the risk of mental disorders?

My favorite part touched on the effects of stress, something everyone experiences.

“Now, research tells us that stress can be one of the leading factors in inflammation. Why? Why? Our bodies are designed to treat stress as an unwanted substance or something that needs to be fought. Stress creates a fight-or-flight response in our body…if we’re under constant stress. Our immune system acts as if we are under attack, which triggers low-grade inflammation in the body, which then leads to a host of diseases.


After explaining how our guts really work and why a healthy gut is important, Mace breaks down some of the myths that plague some of the latest trends in gut health, discusses trends and products that really deserve our attention, and finally helps us understand simple lifestyle choices. We can ensure that it has arguably the greatest impact on our gut. Every point made throughout the book is also backed by peer-reviewed studies and other verifiable sources, ensuring authenticity. But Mace does an excellent job of expressing important information simply and effectively, avoiding burying it in academic jargon.

This book is perfect for those who are ready to make big changes in their lifestyle and need a good place to start. However, even as an athlete and veteran of nutrition and gut health, I found this book full of new information and research that added to my repertoire. In an industry that is nothing if not full of contradictory and confusing information, Sophie Mace’s book is a guide.


Sophie Mace is a former professional athlete with a strong interest in health, wellness, fitness and mental health and is the author of:

Gut Health: Manipulated or Necessary for Your Best Health? The Scam Around Digestive Products and Intestinal Health

Healing the Gut: Beyond Digestive Products and How Meditation is Key to a Healthy Gut

Better: 6 Dimensions of Wellness to Feel and Be Your Best

Maternal and Infant Gut Health: How a Healthy and Diverse Gut Microbiota Can Boost Your Fertility and Boost Newborn Immunity

His work explores nutritional health, gut health and recovery, and how to achieve optimal health, fitness and performance.

Sophie is passionate about holistic health and wellness. Maintaining every single element of health has been a big part of her life since she was 11 years old. She has always understood the power of good nutrition and the importance of self-care in staying injury-free with a positive mindset. As an athlete, she saw her discipline, overcoming many failures, growing each time, and constantly looking for ways to improve. The strategies she learned from her personal journey to achieve optimum health and performance are driving her work as a writer and she is passionate about spreading this knowledge further.

Sophie remains committed to her own health and still leads an active lifestyle. She also loves to discover new healthy recipes and find exciting ways to bring good nutrition into her daily life, she. She is someone who believes in the power of meditation, and she finds time to practice every day.

Gut Health: Manipulated or Necessary for Your Best Health: The Hoax Around Digestive Products and Gut Health, Sophie Mace

Release Date: 15.9.2022

Author: Sophie Mace

Number of Pages: 180 pages

ISBN: 9798352773192


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