Local finance recruitment firm launches executive search offering

Aberdeen’s Hutcheon Mearns launches executive search offering after a successful year of growth. This is a natural next step for the financial recruitment and management consulting firm, which further cements its unique position as a specialist in the market.

Andrew McLeod, Head of Executive Search at Hutcheon Mearns.
Andrew McLeod will lead Hutcheon Mearns’ executive search offering.

And it’s a development that Andrew McLeod, head of resources at Hutcheon Mearns, is happy to be a part of.

Andrew says, “It’s an exciting new venture that builds on our successes in conditional recruitment.

“We have already successfully placed roles at this level and as such we now want to create a focused, dedicated line of service.

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“I’m looking forward to it. Some of the established figures have either retired or changed their tact and now is the right time to offer that. I previously worked in finance and some of my colleagues from that time are now entering or are in those roles moving into these roles, so I already have an executive-level relationship with these potential candidates.”

Andrew will lead Hutcheon Mearns’ executive search service with support from the entire team. In the meantime, Jane Setter will take up a senior position in the Aberdeen office.

Hutcheon Mearns executive search goes beyond resumes

So what exactly are Andrew and Hutcheon Mearns offering with the launch of this new service?

UK-wide Executive Search offering focuses exclusively on C-level positions and decision makers, specifically Chief Financial Officer and Finance Director, with Hutcheon Mearns working on a fee basis to help companies find the perfect candidates.

The fact that both Andrew and most of the other Hutcheon Mearns teams are chartered accountants and former industry professionals gives them a competitive edge to do this effectively.

Andrew explains, “What we do goes beyond traditional search. We map an entire space before evaluating and compiling a final shortlist of candidates for our clients, focusing on technical expertise and cultural fit.

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“We have developed our own scenario-based financial leadership assessment tests and tools that go beyond résumés and allow us to dig deeper and give management more certainty about the hire they choose. We will also present our findings to the board or investors to give stakeholders the opportunity to contribute to the process.

“We meet with candidates, we discuss the role, scope and their experience in detail. And I think where we differ from our competitors is that because we have a technical background in finance, we can go a step further and really challenge and assess the skills that a candidate claims to have.”

Find the right financial professionals for the job

Interview for a job as a finance specialist

This entire process is conducted in collaboration with the client and works hand-in-hand with the recruiting organization to help find the right executive. Andrew refers to the four faces of the Deloitte CFO: the steward, the operator, the strategist and the catalyst. He says: “CFOs are expected to fill these roles, but a ‘face’ may be more common in your organization and as such a candidate with strengths in this area would be a better fit for your needs.”

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Ultimately, this is where Hutcheon Mearns executive search can help, as Andrew and the team have a large database of candidates to draw from alongside the technical background and expertise.

Andrew says, “As our former finance colleagues are now moving into senior positions, we know them and how they work. We have people, we understand the market, we work with our clients to know what skills they need and that means we can make sure the hiring is right.”

Taking on executive search and other financial recruitment issues

For Hutcheon Mearns’ clients, the executive search offering complements the firm’s diverse but specialized finance recruitment service offering, including business consulting, Elevate (a Power BI service) and interim support specialists.

Andrew concludes, “This is just another pillar in our arc of enabling us to help our clients solve their financial leadership problems.”

Learn more about Hutcheon Mearns’ new executive search offering and other services.

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