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Jeffrey Phillips

LECOM’s main campus at 1858 West Grandview Blvd. was the starting point for this rapidly expanding organization. LECOM now has campuses in four locations and is now the largest medical college in the United States.

On Christmas Eve 2022, the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), which seems to have been around for as long as memory serves, actually celebrated their 30th anniversary. On December 24, 1992 LECOM was granted a charter by Pennsylvania Senator Robert Casey, Sr. to open an osteopathic medical school in Erie, Pennsylvania. The first class began on August 9, 1993 at their then new campus on West Grandview Boulevard. And if you’ve been paying attention, LECOM’s footprint, scope and reach have grown exponentially since then. And while the main campus building still stands at that West Grandview location, LECOM now boasts four campuses in three states and holds the title of largest medical college in the United States. This is no small feat.

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Bradenton, Fla., Greensburg, Pa. And in addition to the reach of LECOM’s colleges, including campuses in Elmira, NY, the organization has built the nation’s only osteopathic health system with its own teaching hospital, physician network and services for older adults. To date, LECOM has more than 16,000 graduates. The institution Dr. John Ferretti, President and CEO and Dr. Founded by Sylvia Ferretti, Provost, Senior Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs, the school’s mission is to “prepare students to become osteopathic physicians through a program of excellence in teaching, research, clinical care, and community service that leads to better health for all of humanity.” Quality can be improved.”

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In addition to the College of Medicine, LECOM now has a School of Pharmacy, a School of Dental Medicine, a School of Graduate Studies, as well as a newly established School of Podiatric Medicine that will welcome its first class in 2023. According to Matt Bracey, LECOM’s Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Organizational Culture, “December 24, 1992 marks the official beginning of LECOM’s great history of educating physicians and making a huge impact on healthcare delivery worldwide. We look forward to celebrating our 30th anniversary throughout 2023. Our including events and promotions for students, faculty, alumni and the community.”

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