Learn how to become an “informed eater”

Certified Health Coach and Nutritionist Meghan Tomlinson shares the steps you can take

CHARLOTTE, NC – In a world full of nutrition noise, Certified Health Coach and Nutritionist Meghan Tomlinson wants to teach you how to be a “knowledgeable” eater.

1. What is a knowledgeable eater?

  • The middle ground between dieting and “eating whatever you want”
  • how your body works and what foods make you feel best so you can make food choices from an empowered position without relying on food marketing.
  • It’s the difference between feeling guilty about eating a cookie and knowing how to eat it well.

2. You have 3 tips to become a savvy eater… The first is to adopt the “Add Nutrition” approach.

  • In an effort to eat well, many of us ask “what should I cut out?” We start by thinking. In reality you probably don’t eat sufficient A nutrient-dense food that helps you feel full and calm your cravings.
  • Forget the diet mindset and focus on putting the positives on your plate – foods rich in protein, healthy fats, and fiber like fruits and vegetables. When you consume these foods first, you will naturally leave out the junk foods you are trying to reduce.
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3. Next, you say “hormone awareness” – how does that help?

  • hunger hormones = survival mechanisms. Once you understand how what you eat affects your appetite, you can let go of guilt and focus on regaining balance.
  • If you crave junk food, there may be several reasons:
    • Is my insulin too high and now I’m crashing and craving?
    • Didn’t I eat enough protein to reduce ghrelin?
    • Did I forget to add oil to my last meal to regulate the CCK?
    • Am I stressed and cortisol taking over?
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4. Finally, you can eat according to how you want to feel.

  • There is no need to attach any moral value to food. Simply put, there are foods that are more or less optimal for your health. And depending on the situation, you can choose to eat according to how you want to feel. It’s the difference between eating a cookie and saying “forget it” and enjoying a cookie after a well-balanced meal knowing your body can handle anything with a bite or two. By knowing how these foods make you feel, you can anticipate these feelings and catch the crash and get back into balance at the next meal.

To learn more about working with Meghan to improve your eating habits, visit wellwithmeghan.com/coaching.

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