Le Fil RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Who is this year’s Yorkshire contestant Le Fil on the BBC Three show, where is he from, how has Yorkshire inspired his drag?

Le Fil on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. (Image credit: BBC Three)

Who is Le Fil and where in Yorkshire is he from?

Described as a singing, dancing Chinese pop star, 36-year-old Le Fil hails from Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

Out of drag and in drag he speaks of the pronouns he/him or she/she.

He has been doing drag for years and has been dressing feminine since childhood.

Three words that describe Le Fil’s drag are “androgynous, Asian and sensational”.

The high point of Le Fil’s drag career was when he toured all over the world, from Brazil to Australia to Europe, with his childhood idol, Spice Girl Melanie C.

Le Fil describes his drag as a “crossroads of art, fashion, music and sculpture”.

“I like the idea that I break genres and genders and create art. My background was art and sculpture, so I always want to look like a walking work of art,” said Le Fil.

“A typical Le Fil show is an epic pop performance meets fashion and art installation featuring my own songs, live vocals, my own band and backup dancers.

“I call my gigs ‘Pop Sculptures with Extras’ because they’re music gigs interwoven with stories and performance art. I like to offer my fans a pop extravaganza where the sets are like sculpture, the costumes are like couture, and the show is like a piece of live art.”

What inspires Le Fil’s Drag? How did Yorkshire influence his drag?

Le Fil uses art to express himself through drag and he loves anything “innovative” and “rebellious”.

Famous artists like Andy Warhol, Duchamp Gilbert and designers like Victor Roth and Marcela Westwood are the main influences of Le Fil.

“I get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere,” he says.

“I covered myself in cling film with clay. I covered myself in mud, trees, anything! The craziest thing that inspired me is rice. I made outfits out of rice and sculptures. Steamed boiled rice… I love it – it’s a big part of my culture.”

Although there is no drag scene in Brighouse, Le Fil says it “bred” him and series one finalist Divina de Campo, also from Yorkshire. Le Fil and Davina both participated in the same school choir.

“I’m proud of my Yorkshire roots, in fact the look I’m wearing now is a tribute to the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band. Marching bands and now drag queens are big in Yorkshire.”

Discussing his greatest strengths in competition, Le Fil said, “I have a lot of drag skills that are required of a drag race superstar. I can sing, I can write songs, I can act, I can dance, I can style and I can create.

“My strength in this competition is my eye for detail. I studied hard to get here. I’ll take notes and will use what I know to beat the other queens.

“The other queens might underestimate me. Maybe they don’t even see me because I’m only two foot four. But there’s no way I’m going to take a back seat.

“I am so excited to be one of the queens of Drag Race UK series four. I can’t wait to bring you the looks, the energy, the optimism and the smile.”

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