Is adopting a raw food diet good for you?

We all want to be healthy and nutrition plays an important role in health.

One diet that has gained many health-conscious adherents in recent years is raw food, also known as raw food.

So what exactly is it?

Put simply, it means eating only fresh, unprocessed foods, as Dr. Petra Bracht, specialist in general and nutritional medicine and author of several nutritional guides.

There is only one rule: to preserve freshness, food should not be heated above 42°C.

Here’s how to give your stove a break – a raw foodist’s most important kitchen gadgets are a food processor, blender and maybe a dehydrator.

Do raw foodists only eat fruit and vegetables?

Not necessarily.

There are vegan and vegetarian variants of raw food, but also raw fish, raw meat, raw eggs and sometimes raw (unpasteurized) milk and raw milk cheese.

Raw cuisine can take many forms, says Dr. brought.

For example, spaghetti made from zucchini and carrots or no-bake brownies made from dates and nuts.

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Raw food lends itself to creativity, and among those exploring it are German food bloggers Melanie and Sönke Brummerloh, who eat more than half their food raw.

“Although we are always concerned with healthy eating, the taste actually comes first,” they write in their German-language blog, which presents wholesome, vegetarian recipes without refined sugar.

However, health reasons were behind the couple’s decision to follow a predominantly plant-based raw food diet.

Melanie suffered from joint pain and her husband Sönke had been struggling with neurodermatitis, hay fever and other allergies since childhood.

They decided to change their diet and said it didn’t take long before they noticed an improvement in their symptoms.

“A raw whole food diet can help very quickly,” confirms Dr. brought.

Once you start doing this, your microbiome, or gut flora, changes, which directly affects your immune system, she says.

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A raw food diet can also help to normalize unhealthy blood lipid levels.

In her practice, says Dr. Bracht, after changing her diet, she noticed a rapid improvement in many modern diseases of civilization, including diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, pain and cardiovascular diseases.

However, she advises against eating only raw fruits, vegetables and herbs, as this can lead to a protein deficiency.

According to her, an unbalanced diet can also lead to severe weight loss, which can lead to women missing their periods or having irregular periods (see p. 8).

A person’s diet must be “livable,” she says, adding, “The ideal diet is 50% to 70% raw food.”

Eating a raw food diet means getting creative, like using zucchini and carrots as “noodles.”  — dpaEating a raw food diet means getting creative, like using zucchini and carrots as “noodles.” — dpa

If you want to incorporate more raw food meals into your diet, it’s best to start with small steps, e.g. B. Salad as a side dish, a breakfast of freshly ground grain and fruit and a homemade energy ball made of dates as a snack.

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dr Bracht has been eating at least 50% raw food for around 30 years.

“You should give yourself about a quarter of a year to get used to it,” she says.

Thoroughly chewing your food is especially important when it’s raw.

This is the basis for digestion.

To prevent nutrient deficiencies, she recommends taking vitamin B12 and a multivitamin product regularly.

In addition to motivation and background knowledge, raw foodists should have the right equipment.

According to the Brummerlohs, this includes a good knife, a chopping board and a sturdy blender – and an openness to the variety of raw food.

Cauliflower is a particularly popular vegetable because it can not only be mixed into salads and smoothies, but is also ideal as a vegan cauliflower sushi. – By Vera Kraft/dpa

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