Incredible info you need to know about LA Rams IOL Matt Skura

The LA Rams’ spate of free agency signings continues as we turn our attention to yet another addition to the LA Rams roster. This time, we’re focusing on the addition of centerback Matt Skura to the LA Rams’ practice team. Typically, we try to do more than just list the man’s name and glimpse his career from an ESPN stat sheet. Sometimes we don’t find much to discuss.

This time we do.

But before we bombard you with facts and figures, let’s revisit why the LA Rams decided to add another inside offensive lineman to the roster, albeit the practice squad. Simply put, the LA Rams roster was hammered early on with two season-ending injuries on the inside offensive line. First, there was rookie Logan Bruss’ ACL injury before the start of the season. Then, in the opening moment of the game in Week 2, the LA Rams lost backup offensive guard Tremayne Anchrum to a season-ending lower leg injury.

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To compensate for the loss of Logan Bruss, the Rams added veteran offensive lineman Oday Aboushi to the practice squad. Six days after being accepted into the practice squad, Aboushi was inducted into the LA Rams’ active roster.

LA Rams Free Agency signs 2nd IOL in a week

The Rams added their second inside offensive lineman to their practice team in less than a week. This time the player is veteran Matt Skura, a young man who has played in both offensive guard positions and offensive center over the course of his five-year NFL career.

Let’s hope he stays on offensive guard with the LA Rams.

He started 14 games for the New York Giants as a left guard, 12 games for the Baltimore Ravens as a right guard, and played 42 games for the Baltimore Ravens at offensive center.

At 6ft 3 tall and weighing approximately 310 pounds, Skura enjoyed his best season of 2019 as a part-time starting center for the Baltimore Ravens. But it was also that season that started a significant trend for the former Ravens center. In Week 2 of the 2019 season, Skura failed to get the football clean to the quarterback. The play resulted in a blown game and a two-yard loss. But put a pin in it for a moment.

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So long Skura

The following season, Skura would again struggle to wander football this time, making an appearance once in Week 9 against the Indianapolis Colts. In Week 10 of the 2020 NFL season, he would fail to walk the ball clean three times. This play was believed by many fans to be Skura’s sole fault and was later attributed to a cut on Skura’s thumb on his wandering hand.

But Ravens fans were furious afterwards. The loss to New England was winnable in their eyes, and Skura was the focus of their anger and irritation. But fans began targeting his family as well, leading Skura to warn fans not to target his wife and children.

He would only start three more games for the Ravens this season and play in five more games. The following year, he played just one season with the New York Giants, starting 14 games at left. But he wasn’t particularly effective, playing 769 offensive snaps, committing three penalties and allowing two quarterback sacks.

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While he’s extremely versatile, the Rams will need to work with him to ensure he’s able to get back in the saddle if the plan is to designate him as an attacking center replacement.

It is useful as a blocker. He’s been described as “not the guy you want to pull to lead a sweep,” but he gets his pads on defender and is relatively reliable.

But let’s not get our hopes up too high. An offensive center that fails to run the ball clean five times in three games over two seasons has some problems to deal with. Start offensive lineman? Yes, in his past. But for now I would consider him a depth player for now.

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