I’m a doctor – here’s my trick to PREVENT a hangover before it strikes

It’s no fun having a hangover.

Head in the toilet bowl followed by hours of head banging and if you’re lucky you might be able to grab something.

dr  Karan Rajan said that drinking diet soda with alcohol makes you drunk faster.  He explained that this is due to the way alcohol is ingested


dr Karan Rajan said that drinking diet soda with alcohol makes you drunk faster. He explained that this is due to the way alcohol is ingestedCredit: tiktok/drkaranr

For most people, the more they drink, the worse the hangover is the next day.

While many have their own ideas about what really cures a hangover, one doctor has revealed a trick to preventing it.

dr Karan Rajan took to TikTok and responded to a user who claimed that a spoonful of olive oil before drinking keeps you from getting drunk and giving you a hangover.

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The Guru said that was not the case, but said that there was a point in having a high-fat meal before drinking.

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He explained that drinking alcohol with diet soda gets you drunk faster than drinking it with regular hard liquor.

About 20 percent of alcohol is absorbed in the stomach.

“Around 80 percent is absorbed in the small intestine.

“So you can actually get drunk more slowly by slowing down the rate at which alcohol enters the small intestine, and you can do that by eating a meal with some fat,” he explained.

dr Rajan said this delays gastric emptying.

He explained that this is the speed at which the stomach empties its contents into the small intestine.

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“So the alcohol now mixed with food stays in the stomach longer before it gets to the intestines, and this reduces the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream.”

In the comments, he added that the only way to get drunk less is to drink less.

Another expert previously said there are a variety of reasons why some don’t get hangovers.

Lara, founder of Wholistic Health by Lara, said while dehydration is a big part of a hangover, the whole picture is much more complex.

Lara said that our genes are partly responsible for the frequency and severity of hangovers.

The guru cited a 1972 study of 14,000 twins that found a 50 percent correlation between the likelihood they would drink alcohol, the severity of the hangover and other factors such as health, diet, medication and drug use.

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“Another study of nearly 5,000 twins found a 40-45 percent genetic influence on hangover frequency and hangover resistance,” she added.

She also said alcohol intoxication and diet play a role.

She said good nutritional practices are important because alcohol depletes nutrients, including B vitamins.

Consider a good multivitamin, such as Evity Multivitamins, which includes B vitamins alongside vitamins C and D, selenium, zinc – helpful across the spectrum.

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“Rich dietary sources of B vitamins, anti-inflammatory antioxidants (and other nutrients!) are also found in avocados and beans (red, black, pinto) so including these in your diet will support cognition and the post-binge blues.” can reduce.”

Lara added that omega-3 is also an important nutrient for reducing inflammation.