ICL Expands Digital Suite in India with ICLeaf

October 22, 2022, Israel: ICL (NYSE: ICL) (TASE: ICL), a leading global specialty minerals company, today announced the launch of ICLeaf, a revolutionary diagnostic tool, which will provide farmers with a personalized prescription to maximize yields. The tool measures 10 different elements in a leaf sample and then delivers accurate real-time feedback and a nutrient use recommendation.

The process begins with the collection of leaves from the targeted crop, which are then analyzed using unique technology. Results are available quickly – within up to three days of the first sample being taken – compared to several weeks with traditional methods, and the new tool is also more durable than traditional tests. It will enable farmers to make quick and data-driven decisions, based on the measurements, and enable them to take multiple samples each year and make immediate improvements during the season.

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ICLeaf is a complement to Crop Advisor, an optimized data-based plant nutrition plan, which provides tailored fertilizer recommendations based on crop type, location and environmental conditions. This customer-focused solution is supported by professional agronomists, who offer personal guidance throughout the process.

“As a company focused on creating impactful solutions to humanity’s sustainability challenges in the global food, agriculture and industrial markets, we are proud to introduce our new and advanced Israeli technology, which will help farmers gain greater visibility in their fields and maximize returns.” said Elad Aharonson, CEO of Growing Solutions for ICL. “This unique specialist service will help farmers plan for optimal nutrient management, by timely identifying deficiencies and enabling them to use the right products at the right time to improve yields and increase sales.”

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ICLeaf is currently available for grape, cotton, banana, tomato and pomegranate crops in India, with other crops being added. The revolutionary diagnostic tool was created at the Center for Fertilization and Plant Nutrition (CFPN), which was established through a partnership between ICL and the Volcani Institute (Agricultural Research Organization ARO). The Volcani Institute is the research arm of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and is a leader in its field, with among the widest range of technologies and developments in advanced agriculture.

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The digital technology suite – including ICLeaf and Crop Advisor solutions, among others – was developed by Agmatix, an ICL-owned digital ag startup, which developed the world’s first single engine designed to drive the agronomic innovation cycle from research and experimental data to meaningful and actionable insights . The Agmatix platform can read and interpret thousands of different data points commonly used in the agriculture industry to help scientists, agronomists and farmers make actionable decisions.

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